She was exhausted but unable to sleep as Ash transported her and Kai back to camp. Qing had implored him not to go, but there was no dissuading him now that his men were stable and those who could be saved had been saved. After all, those were his men back at camp, too, the ones who had had to remain behind.

No one said a thing as the Oasis slithered through the sands. Kai, despite how exhausted he must be and fearing for his defenseless men on top of that, took Anzi to the spring and bathed her gently. Her wounds refused to close, and even when he slid his hands over them to try to impart healing power through their mate bond, they remained angry and red and gushed blood anew anytime she shifted too much.

“It’ll be all right,” he murmured as he kissed her wounds while she sat numbly in the water. “We’ll be there soon.”

Soon wasn’t enough. Night was already falling, and it had been that long since she heard Netra’s

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Thank you for joining Anzi on the first part of her journey! The paperback and hardcover of Called by the Dragon will be available on most digital retailers if you would like the print form of this book. The sequel is underway, and you can find me on at ManaSolStories to follow its progress. I hope to see you there!

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