Was there nothing else she could do? Nothing at all? Anzi took a deep and angled slash to her midriff that tore the tattered remains of her uniform almost completely in two while at the same time, beheading Benhad at last in exchange, and yet it wasn’t triumph she felt but stunned disbelief. She had thrown her faith into Ash’s words because she had no choice but to fight on anyway, but here that faith proved futile as ever. Five newcomer dragons in the fight, some of them rivaling Kai’s generals in size, and the five First Guards riding atop them as well. Outnumbered, outpowered, fighting like this would mean everyone died. No path to victory, no opening, no vulnerability to exploit. And for every one she might find if she looked hard enough, the shifter tribe had a dozen more.

Please, she begged the gods, the spirits, even herself. The fate and destiny Ash insisted would meet her here, where were they? Please, let there be something I can do, she screa

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Trisha Sunshine
oh snap here we go!
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Anzi better tap into more of her power asap. Even ol' Ash didn't believe it. Hope she escapes unscathed. Thanks Mana for all your hard work. You've provided updates without a break making our suffering for a new chapter short. 😂🙏🏽♥️
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😭😭😭 I was wishing it was all in Anzi's head, but I knew it wasn't...😭😭😭

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