The Agreement
The Agreement
Author: S0lvingMysTeriEs

01. Alarm Clock

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to persue them"

~ Walt Disney





All the cameramen were shouting my name, trying to get my attention so they can get a picture for their magazines.

Being a popular actress this is what happens when you make a red carpet appearance.

I turn around to face my fans. They are calling my name so they can get pictures with me and get my autograph.

I walk towards their direction, my bodyguards walking close beside me. I pause by a specific girl who was shouting my name on top of her lungs, a pink-colored diary in her hand which she was waving frantically for an autograph.

I smile sweetly while gazing down at her, I gently take the diary from her hand ''What is your name sweetie?'' I question with a big smile, she freezes looking at me with big wide eyes, someone poked her that made her come back to her senses ''Cc-Carly,'' The little dumpling stuttered making me chuckle.

I write a short but sweet message for her, and sign my name at the bottom ''Here you go love.'' I hand her back her diary as she gazes at me with a shy smile.

''I love you Valentina, I'm a huge fa- 'Yeah breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles..;' '' I frown at her.

What is she saying??

I scan around myself ''Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble''

Everyone was looking at me and singing.

What's up with everyone suddenly??

This song, it's familiar, I thought.

And it hit me.



My ALARM tune is set to this song.



I fell from my bed and hit my head hard on the floor.

''Damn!'' I whisper yelled,

I was dreaming all along??

I glare at the culprit who was responsible for ruining my 50 minutes of fame. ''I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it.'' The fucking machine was still blabbering.

No one is going to save you from me you damn machine, I was about to unleash my wrath on my alarm clock when a sudden knock on my bedroom door halted my plans.

''Valentina? Baby, you ok? I heard sounds from your room, I'm coming in.'' Came my mothers voice.

I quickly surveyed around my room, saying it was mess would be an understatement. It looked like I was living in a jungle.

Clothes scattered on the floor, my books were thrown all over my study table, food wrappers littered around my bed.

SHIT! Mom can't see this or she will go all hulk over me.

''Yeah mom! I'm fine don't come in.. umm.. I'm changing..'' I answered quickly.

After a brief pause she finally spoke ''Ok I'll be waiting downstairs. Breakfast is ready.'' I sigh in relief.

''And Valentina you better clean your room, or you know the consequences!'' with that I hear her retreating steps.

I gulp visibly, how does she know everything?

Well now is not the time to think about my mother's 'knowing all super powers!'

I tiredly glance at my alarm clock '8:10' so I have got 50 minutes till school starts. Great!

I run towards my bathroom like I am in a marathon. I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and return back in my room with a towel wrapped around me.

I search in my closet for today's outfit, I was not feeling to dress up so I went with a simple white T-shirt that said 'SASSY SINCE BIRTH'

I printed it myself, I was in mood of some DIY that day I remember. I also took one of dad's plain white T-shirt and printed 'BE A BAD ASS WITH A GOOD ASS.'

It's safe to say mom wasn't much happy with it, she banned me from stepping in dad's office for 2 months, while dad just shrugged and said ''Well I do have a good ass, right honey?'' Mom was red as a tomato, I chuckle reminiscing the sweet memory.

I matched my shirt with ripped jeans and Nike canvas.

I let down my waist length blonde hair to air dry. I gaze upon my reflection in the mirror, my light blue eyes staring back at me. I have a round face consisting of a cute button nose and full pink lips. I possess a curvy figure which I got from my mom

I am happy with whatever assets God had gifted me with.

But there is one thing that I was not happy with, my height. I am 5'2 but it does has it's own quirks, I look young and cute.

Everyone says I am beautiful. I consider myself as an average girl. I don't find anything beautiful or attractive in me, aside from my eyes, they had this glint that I loved very much. 

Yes self love is important people.

I take my backpack, fill it with my books and head towards my door to go downstairs.

I stop in my tracks and turn around to scan my room one last time in case I am missing something. The room was still messy, I made a mental note to clean my room today after school.

My eyes halt at my alarm clock, I make a hand gesture by using my pointer and middle finger. I point my fingers towards my eyes and then back at the alarm clock, silently conveying the message that I'm not done with you machine.

The alarm clock just stares back dully with cricket sounds at the back.

I huff annoyed and make my way downstairs towards the kitchen.

As I enter the kitchen ''princess.'' I hear Dad greeting me ''Dad'' I grin and run to him, giving him a hug and kiss on his right cheek.

My dad is a handsome man, he was aging yet his charming self could not be hidden by anything.

''Ofcourse, all the the love and hugs for dad.'' I giggle as I hear Mom complaining, she was standing by the stove flipping pancakes.

I silently sneak behind her and hug her as tightly as I could, She let out a surprised shriek, Dad roars with laughter from behind.

''Ok.. Ok.. Let me go baby or you are going to have burnt pancakes for breakfast.'' She tries to pull away my iron grip.

I let go of her as fast as lightning. Let me clear this up, I don't mess with my food, no compromise accepted.

Mom gives me knowing smirk before resuming with her work, I take a seat beside Dad. He was sipping his coffee while reading his daily newspaper.

My dad, John Smith. His head was covered with shiny blonde hair, I love to scare him by reminding him how he would go bald with age, he took pride in his healthy hairs and took my teasings to heart. His hair colour was the only trait I got from him physically.

No doubt he was handsome and kept himself in well-shape even with those laughing lines at the corner of his hazel eyes. He keeps a well trimmed beard that Mom loves to caress during their cuddly moments, I think dad kept it for her only. He was 6'0, quite tall compared to me and Mom's 5'2 height.

My Mom, Claire Smith. My sweet and super powers possessing mother. She is one of the most beautiful women I have encountered in my life. She was beautiful inside and out. Family is everything to her, she does come off strict at times but it's for the best as Dad is the cool parent.

Mom has shoulder length brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and a constant smile that graced her stunning face all the time. She has the same curvy figure as I.

I was more like my mother physically but had my father's characteristics.

Mom and dad were high school sweet hearts, Their love is what gave me hope of finding the love of my life one day, living in a cozy two story house with two beautiful children, life would be perfect.

Little did I know that the future had different plans for me.

The sound of Mom calling me snapped me out of my train of thoughts, ''Baby here is your pancakes.'' She said as she placed the stacked up plate infront of me.

''Thank you mom'' I chirped, not moving my eyes from the delicious breakfast.

Mom just chuckled and walked towards my Dad, she gave him a brief kiss and joined him on the other side.

I poured honey on top of my pancakes, as I was about to devour my heavenly treat, my plate was snatched away from me.

Anger is not even the closest word to describe what I felt at that moment, I turn around to give a piece of my mind to who ever decided to mess with hungry Valentina.


Yes, 7 rings!! Who does not love that song? It gets my poor self all hyped up lol.

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Norma Falcon
a beautiful story
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Lorraine Stinnett
Great opener!!!...️
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Angelica Pable
wow ang ganda sana mabasa ko sya ng masaya

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