03. Decision

"Never to suffer would never to have been blessed"

~ Edgar Allan poe


"Look this.."

"I can explain!"

I smirk as I had just caught my best friends sucking each others face seconds ago and now witness them blabbering in front of me.

I narrow my eyes "You sneaky bastards." I say shaking my head with an evil smirk.

"Oh.. I'm late for our class." Sam says as he glances towards his hand at his non-existing watch. He rushes his way past me with reddened cheeks and disappears around the corner.


Olive on the other hand has a bewildered expression on her face, "Don't.. Don't look at me like that. I'll tell you everything later. We're already late, come on." She somehow manages to speak up, she hastily grabs my hand and drags me towards the direction of our class.


School was finally over, Sammy offered Olive and I a ride but I refused it. I could sense the tension between them and decided to give the new love birds some privacy.

I took the bus to home, as I neared our front porch I noticed Everett's car parked in the driveway. I couldn't hold back my smile, looks like Everett is missing us a lot.

I hurriedly made my way to the front door, just as I entered through the door, I was drenched with chilling cold water.

I gasp loudly, I was aware who the culprit was without a doubt, "WILLIAMMM!!'' I hiss loudly.

He gives me an evil look "Gotcha!" He fist bumps in the air before running away with his water gun in his hand.

That little devil is so dead.

William was a very naughty boy, he made sure to make Rose and mines every living minute hell. He was sweet on rare occasions but overall was a little devil in human skin.

"William you better get rid of that gun or I'm telling your dad." Came Bridget's stern voice as she made her way towards me looking embarrassed.

"Tina I'm sorry, you know how William is.." she smiles apologetically.

Bridget is a petite woman with brown eyes and medium length black hair, she is 5'4 and is very sweet. She is like an older sister that I never had.

"It's ok. You know I don't mind, I'm used to this little devil." I chuckle easing the atmosphere.

"Arggghh.. WILLIAM!! MOM, WILLIAM  DRENCHED MY NEW DRESS!" Roses voice booms through out the entire house.

"This boy." Bridget sighs heavily, she and I make our way towards the living room where the whole commotion was going on.

Rose came in my view, she was completely drenched in water from head to toe, I couldn't contain my laughter, she resembled like a wet kitten. Rose glared at my reaction "Tina stop!" She huffs folding her hands on her chest.

Rose is 6 months older than me, she has blue eyes and brown hair, she is 5'6 tall and possess a model like figure. She is interested in modeling and is trying to get some projects while continuing school as well. In simpler words, Rose is gorgeous just like her name.

"Girls dry yourselves and change into some fresh clothes. You young man are coming with me." Said Bridget, she took hold of William's left ear and dragged him out of the room all the while he tried hard to give her his best puppy eyes.

"Come on Rose, I'll give you some fresh clothes to wear." I say to her and turn around to make my way upstairs.

"Nah I'm good. I'll get something from my suitcase." She waves off while tying her wet hairs "suitcase?'' I question confused.

"Yeah, we're staying here for a couple of days. Dad says he misses you guys." She shrugs her shoulders "Really? wow, that's great!" I say enthusiastically with a big grin which she returns, I wave her and walk towards my room.

This is a first, sure Everett visits with his family and stays with us but only on special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving or sometimes over the weekends.

Well I don't mind, I'm happy that Rose and I can spend some time together and have some fun, I get lonely somedays so it's going to be good.


The upcoming days were joyful, it was always good to have the whole family under the same roof. Rose and I especially enjoyed these times the most.

But there was something up with Everett, he was acting strange. He seemed lost and depressed, it was quite evident as there was some kind of tension between him and Dad as well.

They tried not to show it but I can sense it. Everyone can sense it.

I heard them arguing last night in dad's office which confirmed my suspicions.

Bridget was also unusually quiet, no one was telling us kids anything, it was better if we didn't pry in their business they said.

3 days later when I returned back home from school, I could hear dad shouting from our main door. I ran towards the living room where the voice were coming from.

As I entered the room, I saw mom and Bridget sitting on one of the sofa that was opposite to the fire place, they both were sobbing silently.

Everett was standing beside them with his head hung low.

At the other corner of the room, dad was standing with Rose in his arms, she was crying hysterically. Dad was as red as a tomato, he was shaking and shouting at Everett, I could see his nerve popping from the side of his forehead.

He was really angry. In my 17 years of life I have never seen dad this angry, this fact scared me for some reason. Rose must have noticed me because the next thing I know is that she came running towards me and hugged me as tightly as possible.

I staggered back a few steps by the sudden force but managed to balance myself.

I hold her back tightly. Everyone present in the room turns towards me.

"Tii.. Tina.. tell them please!" Rose cried loudly while trying to form words "please Tina.. I.. I can't do thi.. thiss.. you know m.. my Dreams." She hiccuped, I look at her confused not able to understand her.

What is going on in here? what is she saying?

"Calm down Rose, I can't understand you." I say soothingly while rubbing my hand on her back to calm her breathing, after some minutes she was calm but still hiccupped here and there.

"Tina, I don't want to get married!!'' She started crying yet again.

"What? Who said you are getting married?" I question baffled, "Can someone explain it to me, what is going on??'' I stare at everyone in the room.

Everett averts his eyes looking defeated. Mom and Bridget were staring at me with red puffy eyes.

"Everett here has fixed my granddaughter's marriage with someone!" At last someone decided to speak up, and that someone was dad, he didn't seemed to please.

"I'm not going to let Rose pay for your dumb mistake Everett!!'' Dad yelled again while glaring at him.

"What!?'' I whisper mostly to myself, not believing what I just heard.

"I'm sorry Dad.. b-but there is no other way. They will kill us all." Everett whispers lowly as a lone tear escapes his left eye.

"FUCK YOUR SORRY AND FUCK YOU!!" Dad shouted startling us all.

Dad never cursed, he rarely raised his voice at any of us, this was unlike of him, he was always the cool parent. This made me realise the severity of the situation.

"I'm not getting married! Either you guys cut this crap or you'll all regret forcing me!" Rose says warningly, she glares at Everett for a brief moment then runs back upstairs to the guest bedroom where she and William were staying.

"Baby go back to your room." Mom who was quiet the entire time spoke.

I couldn't argue because of the tension. I silently make my way to my room, I pass by the guest bedroom and hear Rose cries from inside which makes my heart clench.

I could not do anything, hell I didn't even know what was actually happening.

Rose getting married? Us getting killed? What was Everett talking about?

I knew there was something bothering Everett but this was unexpected.

As the day passed everyone was quiet, no one spoke to each other, even William was quiet.

During dinner time mom gathered us all. Everyone was present at the table except for Rose, no one asked for her, we knew she needed her space.

We silently ate our food.

In between dinner I heard the sound of footsteps. We all turned our gaze towards the dinning rooms entrance where Rose stood in a dishelved state.

Her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying, her hairs were sticking around as if she has pulled them quite a few times.

"Come sit honey. I'll fix you a plate.'' Mom said while getting up. "Nah gram, it's fine. I'm not hungry." She replied in a monotone.

She took a deep breathe "I'm ready.'' We all looked at her confused "what are you talking about dear?'' Asked Dad.

"I'm ready– I'll get married to whoever dad has chosen for me." with that said she turned around and marched away to her room.

Bridget and mom teared up instantly.

Everett sat there emotionless.

Dad was unable to hold on to his frustration, he stood up with force knocking his chair down in the process, he threw his napkin on the plate and marched outside to God knows where.

And me? I sat there in my seat too shocked to move, thinking about how did we all got caught up in this situation. 


What did Everett do that is forcing him to marry his daughter to an unknown man?

Who is that unknown man?

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