Day 58

Ramon is tied to the chair

Right next to me.

It is kind of a relief now, not having to watch him hanging loosely on the ceiling.

I know I should not feel even a tinge of sympathy towards him but to be honest, It was painful to watch him hanging loosely on the ceiling like some animal about to be slaughtered.

Flex will not admit it, but he also felt some kind of sympathy for Ramon and decided to tie him up on the chair with the help of other six men, wearing "Relliks" badges.

It is so surprising that this Relliks thing has a whole team working for them and that's scary. Scary because it will not be easy at all to escape and run for my life.

This is how I'm going to die...

The mere thought of that sends a shiver down my spine...

Mr. Davis, the deceased FBI agent was right.

Relliks is more than just a crime investigatio

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