Chapter 17

The pain increased by the second while Audrey bit her lower lip to suppress her cries. She was breathless and unable to talk as she adapted to tunnel vision, giving her best to focus on the labor and get the baby out. She was lucky to survive the impact when she suddenly stopped the car but a bigger problem was coming her way. Her lower body felt like it was going to rip off. It was the thought in her head that the baby’s safety depended on her that made Audrey’s will stronger. She was aware that nobody was there to help other than herself, or so she thought.

Amid the excruciating pain, Audrey heard a familiar voice calling out to her. She wanted to see who it was but got no time to spare. She kicked her legs and held tightly onto the wheel with her left hand while the other was waiting in between her legs in case the baby’s head came out. It wasn’t how Audrey imagined she would give birth. Of all places, she had to deliver while squatting on the driver’s seat in her car. Blood flowed

Hello! First of all, I would like to apologize for being on hiatus for a very long time. I won't go down the details but I had problems that needed my attention. I will do my best to deliver the remaining chapters of this book from here daily. I also wanted to thank you if you're still reading this. Keep safe and have a great day❤️

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Kris Tina
author would this still be completed?
goodnovel comment avatar
Terina Burgess
I don't understand why Shane has not came back home to Audrey considering Stephanie has to had her baby already. Was she not pregnant before Audrey. I really hope she gets together with Tristan and drops Shane like a hot potato
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda Karnap
I truly love this book, thank you for sharing, please take care of yourself

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