First Meeting




I was exhausted from the day's work and needed to rest. When I got a call from a friend, he said, "Let's meet at the club, I have a gorgeous gift for you." and then hung up. I smirked because I knew what the gift would be, and headed straight to the club.

After getting a call from a friend, or should I say best friend, about a gift, I couldn't wait and went to the club because I was too tired and needed some flavour in my life.

Roman was my childhood friend, so he was the first or last person in my life who knew me well. He, like me, was the owner of a large corporation. He was like a brother to me, except when he turned annoying and I wanted to slap him really hard, but I didn't.

I walked into the club and found Roman sitting with a group of girls. I hadn't even arrived when a slew of girls, or should I say cheap sluts, began to throw themselves at me. It's obvious because of my appearance.

"So where's my gift, buddy?" I asked, standing in front of Roman with slight amusement in my eyes. He smirked and waved his finger at a young lady.

When I saw a girl in her mid-twenties in the direction of his finger, she was wearing a black tight-fitting dress that showed her cleavage and almost her rounded breast.

I could tell she was inebriated just by looking at her. I approached her, and as she looked at me, I saw lust in her eyes; she, like other girls, wanted to sleep with me, kiss me, feel me inside her, and so on.

But I couldn't deny the fact that she was a stunning woman. She selected a glass of bourbon and approached me, biting her lower lip, perhaps to appear seductive. I was also prepared to show her the real me.


We were laughing when we arrived at the club because Vic told me a funny joke; that was really hilarious.

We entered the club with smiles on our faces, but this smile didn't last long; I was taken aback when I saw Ciala sitting on the lap of some guy; flirting and kissing him. But saying that the guy wasn't handsome would be wrong.

At first, I just stood there disgustedly watching her; I couldn't believe that I was disgusted by having her as my sister, but couldn't deny that she was my sister. I took quick steps in her direction and grabbed her arm, which was in that guy's shirt. I was staring at her, wondering how she could be so careless.

Ciala shook her hand, but I didn't let it go; instead, she shot me a death glare and said, "Leave my hand, you... murderer."

I felt like I'd been stabbed 20 times and was out of breath, but I knew she was drunk, so I let it go by saying, "Caila, you're not in your right mind, just go home."

Ciala shook her hand again, and this time I let it go. She was laughing but suddenly burst out crying.

I was perplexed by her reaction, "Really, I'm the one who's out of her mind? It was you because your father and mother committed suicide while protecting you. You have to die, not them, you fucking murderer, you killed them, ah... you killed them."

"Caila, that was an accident, I didn't do anything and I didn't even know what was happening, please just stop blaming me," she was sobbing, which caused tears to well up in my eyes.

Caila gave me a dirty look and whispered in my ear, "murderer," before leaving. I was frozen, wondering how someone could be so heartless, no, not someone, but my sister, how could she be so rude and cold?

When I was lost in my thoughts, I felt someone glare at me, and when I turned around, there was that handsome guy, wait... What am I saying?

So what if he's attractive? I still despise him because he's a playboy who looks at any girl with lust and wants to play with her as if she's not human but a toy.

"Jen, I think we should also leave," I snapped out of my reverie as Vic said those words. I nodded, and we were about to leave when...


When that girl came in front of me and shook another girl from my lap by intercepting my kiss, I was at my wit's end, but when I saw her face, I was speechless; she's the beauty, no, she's the real beauty. A real one!

I had never seen such a beautiful girl in my whole life, her blonde silky hair, fair creamy skin I want to touch her, feel her, and those tempting lips as soft as petals, Oh my God, I wanted to touch her just once but wanted to feel her.

But I was taken out of my thoughts when the first girl yelled loudly, "you murderer," but the beauty remained silent; there was something in her eyes, perhaps guilt.

After the big family drama, the girl, who may have been the big sister, made her way out of the club, but the beauty remained silent.

Throughout all of this drama, my mind remained focused on one thing, and I kept repeating to myself, I.WANT.THAT.LITTLE.ONE.

There's the girl who stood with beauty and was doing her best to remain the beauty calm, perhaps her friend, who cares. I stood up and walked over to her, offering her a glass of alcohol, which she accepted without knowing who had given it to her.

She didn't look at me for five minutes, but when I saw she was about to leave, I started, "Hey, beautiful," and instead of throwing herself on me like other girls, she looked at me with disgust.

This irritated me because she was the first person to dare to look at me like that, so I grabbed her by the elbow and swung her towards me, feeling her fresh mint breath as her breast collided with my broad chest.

She was struggling under my large stature, but all of her efforts were futile because she was like a deer in front of a hungry lion.

"Let me go, you son of a bitch," she yanked. Not good because that made me lose control, so I drew her closer and said, "it won't take too long love, for you to be in my bed, under beneath me."

She shrugged her shoulders away from me and the reaction she showed wasn't the one I was expecting, yeah! She slapped me, and she slapped not just anyone but The.Great.William.Veranda.

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