What Do You Want



I was lounging on the couch in my penthouse when my father called. "Yes, father?" I picked up the phone, thinking, "Here we go again."

"Home right now," he said as he hung up the phone.

Now I was at my parents' house, and my father was yelling at me until he tossed the newspaper in my face and asked, "Who's that girl?"

"Wow, that was quick," was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

"Handle this filth or I'll take over your position as CEO of a corporation. Understand?"

I exited the house after saying, "Understood."

It was the first time my father had chastised me, and I couldn't afford it. I had virtually spent half of my life establishing this company, and I couldn't bear the thought of losing what I had now.

I dialed my assistant's number and asked her for information on that goddamn girl.

And when I found out everything I could about the girl, or should I say Jennifer Oxford, I was startled since she has no family except for a sister who likewise considers her a murderer and despises her more than anything else. I asked my assistant about her family troubles, but all I received was, "Sorry sir, there's no news about her family or parents, how they died, and also what caused their accident."

It has nothing to do with me because all I want is vengeance from her, to make her feel the same shame, criticism, and contempt that I did.

So I called my man, showed him Jennifer's picture, and asked him to bring her to me as quickly as possible. He nodded and walked away. He brought her to me the next morning, as promised, and I thought to myself, "Okay, that was fast." But when she arrived, she was unconscious, so I helped her to my bed and exited the room.

I'd been in my study room for about two hours, attempting to do anything, but my entire attention was on her. Okay, it's been almost two hours; perhaps she's awake. I considered this and began walking towards the room where she was resting.

When I arrived, she was already awake and looking around her new surroundings, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Are you awake?" I inquired. But instead of responding, she began to stare at me, possibly perplexed by what was going on. So I asked again, smirking, "Are you done staring?"

At this point, she began crawling down the bed and standing in front of me, asking, "why am I here, what do you want, and why did you want to see me?"

"Just relax darling, we have a long way ahead of us so what's the rush?" I remarked, amused by her reply. I began to move towards her until her back hit the wall. I put both of my arms on the wall on either side of her head, immobilizing her. "What are you doing?" she exclaimed, scared.

Her crystal clear eyes were enticing, but when I saw my offense of the day in her bright eyes, I was filled with rage. So, to heighten her fear and dread, I stepped closer to her ear and added, "It's only the beginning, darling, so just sit back and watch because you have a long voyage ahead of you and nothing you can do about it. Do you know why?"

"Because you are the cause of all of this," I stooped for a moment before saying. I was experiencing something akin to pure happiness as I watched her stand-alone like a deer in front of a hungry lion.

Initially, I gripped her arm tenderly on purpose to make her feel relaxed, but when her posture began to relax, I squeezed her arm strongly and threw her on the bed before heading outside.

I shut the door to keep her from fleeing.


Even if it's beyond 8:00 p.m., I'm still trapped in this room. I was concerned about Vic and wanted to call her but couldn't figure out how. I was thinking of a way, when a maid came in and said, "Miss, sir wants to see in the Dining Hall, please follow me this way!"

I grew enraged at this, wondering who he was and what authority he had to order me like that.

I told her I didn't want to go with her and said, "Go tell him that I'm not his "toy" or anything like that and that he has no authority to command me like that. In fact, go ahead and tell him that I'm going to sue him for kidnapping me."

"ENOUGH." yelled a loud voice, and as I looked in the direction of that voice, I don't know what that was because he seemed irritated. The maid appeared to be terrified of his appearance, which increased my anxiety.

"You can go, Laila," he remarked coldly, and the maid exited the room, possibly her name was Laila.

Now that there were only two of us in the tense room, the mood was incredibly thick, and we were both looking at each other until he broke the silence and said, "So you were thinking about suing me, right?"

"Yes, I will definitely sue you," I stated confidently.

But the emotion he displayed surprised me because he began to laugh. I was dumbfounded, perplexed, and wondering what was so amusing. What's he laughing about? Is he insane?

Suddenly, he took a few steps forward in my direction and came to a stop directly in front of me, and I stared into his eyes. But I felt numb when he abruptly picked my hand with his and began to crawl his hand in an upward trajectory from my hand to my shoulders with care until he reached the tip of it and grabbed the side of my neck with great care. I was wondering what was going on.

We were both able to feel each other's breath. When I asked, "What do you want?" he got closer and stated, "Your destruction."

But then he did something I never imagined anyone could do...

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