Chapter - 24

She woke up, sweat beading her face, and her heart beating a million times too fast. The images kept flashing in her mind, but she surprisingly wasn't scared or confused. She had to adjust to the dim light. She blinked several times to adjust, and then she felt pain. She sat up and whimpered, massaging her head with her fingers. The pain continued, strengthening with each moment of her body. She shrieked in horror, looking around the darkroom, as her eyes adjusted completely to the darkness.

Rachel P. O. V.

I looked around and noticed that the walls were pitch black and huge black curtains stopped every light from outside. The dark silhouettes of the furniture that were lying around in the room could be seen, though I couldn't make out the details. The theme of this room seemed to be black, with only the ceiling being a creamy white.

“Finally, you're awake, little human.”

A soft voice broke the silence. I turned around to see the green pools of the
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