Chapter 19


Stupid. It was so stupid.

Sara cursed internally when she observed Silas's amused expressions. His eyes were shining so bright with humor that Sara felt like slapping him across his face to get rid of those expressions.

“ Don't say it! ” Silas opened his mouth to say something but Sara was quick to shut him down.

Just like she thought. He was already amused that they both were going and they were going alone; together.

“ We are going on honeymoon. Not vacations but honeymoon. It's called honeymoon. ” Even after Sara shut him down harshly, Silas still spoke out setting fire to the blood running in Sara's veins.

Her fuming face was amusing to him. She was looking at him like she was forced to swallow a whole alive chicken and there was nothing more funny than this for Silas.

“ Th-Think whatever you want! ” Sara stammered out getting affected by hi
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