25. The Inevitable

Katherine Bennet took a sip of his coffee then let out a sigh as she swallowed the bitter, milky liquid. Looking about her apartment, she felt something that she had never felt before and only realize that it was loneliness. She felt alone even though never in her five years of living here had she ever felt that way before. Shaking her head, she moved her gaze back to the screen of her laptop and continued working on the publishing contract for one of the Summers Publishing House's famous non-fiction authors, Julie St Matthews. 

No less than thirty minutes later, the drizzle outside started to get heavier and within a minute, it was downpouring. Thunder rolled across the sky and boomed beneath her feet. Lightning flashed like a strobe within the clouds. Her mind instantly wondered where William was and if he was okay. She recalled reading in one of the magazines somewhere that William traveled a lot

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