Chapter 17

The mention of the worst species of werewolves sent the room into a frenzy.

“There is only one Beast that we know of,” Nathan recovered himself from a shock, “and he died hundreds of years ago.”

“I’m not talking about the Fallen Beast. I’m talking about its descendants,” Dad clarified, and then he glanced at me, “and I think your friend is one of them.”

A hard gasp came out of my mouth. I still could not believe that Ronny was a werewolf, and now Dad said that he was the descendant of the vilest and most brutal creature of Lycanthrope that caused the biggest war in the history?

“If such creature existed, we should have known. Even Thea could have sensed it," said Nathan. Very smooth. Nobody realized that he was belittling me with those words, except me, of course. It happened all the time that everybody would normalize setting Thea as the lowest example.

"It was called 'Fallen Beast' for a reason. He was an exceptional Lycan who showed differe

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