Chapter 14

When Burn to Ashes finished their second song on the stage, I was already on my 14th ‘I told you so’ to Olive. I wouldn’t stop until she finally admitted how good they were.

“You win, Thea, so please stop saying that,” Olive gave up. “Yes, they’re good and Mrs. Keener looks happy. Are you satisfied?”

I still didn’t wipe the smile off my face. “Very,” I said. “This unreasonable bad blood between you and Jim needs to stop, to be honest.”

“Sorry, I don’t take any more of your non-sense requests,” Olive scoffed as she folded her hands. Her eyes went elsewhere and she grumbled again. “Ronny’s finally here. I’m going to smack him for troubling everyone this afternoon.”

I blocked her way with my body. “Give him a break, Olive,” I said. “That’s what team is for, remember? You cover for someone, being a reliable back-up.”

“You’re starting to sound like my dad before the big game,” she sneered. “Yo, team! One for all and all for one!”

I giggled

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