Chapter 21

I was stunned by his first sentence. He already made it obvious since last night that he stayed because he wanted to keep an eye of me, but he kept denying it himself.

“So,” Elliott stretched his arms in the air, “You better tell me before Olive comes out of that door and drags us in.”

With a mixed feeling, I brought my feet back to the very spot where Ronny lost control of himself. It was clean as if nobody left their blood on the asphalt. Elliott started to sniff around, crouching next to the place where I left wolf Ronny sprawled in pain. I was glad nobody else was around to see this weird kid snuffling the asphalt and the bushes.

“Yeah, a wolf was here,” said Elliott as he got up, “or Lycan or Beast—whatever it is your Dad called him. I can smell his body. There was blood in here but somebody cleaned it up perfectly.”

“Do you think the hunter might have done it? Taking Ronny away and cleaning the crime scene?”

A slow breeze made the hair o

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