Chapter 123

Bronx’s POV

Halloween comes and goes. Thanksgiving comes and goes. Winter Solstice is only a couple of weeks away. The frigid Montana winter trudges on. The world keeps turning as if Kas never existed.

Last week, I heard Katherine Santoro’s abandoned estate in Greece burned down to the ground. No fatalities and no signs of the other residents and staff who lived there several days prior. A few days later, hunters found Katherine’s naked body, along with an unidentified woman, both mauled by wild animals in a wooded area of Mongolia. The artist's sketch of the other woman is clearly Cora. 

As soon as they confirmed Katherine was dead, I had my people get to work on acquiring Santoro Enterprises. Within several months, I will be the CEO, absorb the company into MasonCo and create a logistics division. If there are any Manae hiding

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goodnovel comment avatar
Bronx is a freakin IDIOT.
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy Black Bear
No no no no NO! Bronx you fool!
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammie Beasley
What the heck with the timeline? It was November a few chapters ago!

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