Book 2: Chapter 128

Kas’s POV

I sit in front of him, even though he doesn’t know I’m there. I’m afraid if I look away, I may never see him again. Elexis’s black snout pushes under my elbow so I will put my arm around her while she sits next to me. I let myself lean heavily against her while we watch our mate realize that my spirit has left my body.

“He broke the mate bond, Kas. Our spirits’ journeys are finished,” Lex says quietly, “There are no more lifetimes for us.”

“I understand,” I nod slowly as I run my fingers through her silky onyx fur, “Lex, through everything, I forgive him. I’m sure it seems foolish, but I don’t have the desire to hold on to hate or malice when I move on. So, I forgive him.”

“Of course you do. You have a good heart, Kas. I know how much you loved him over the centuries.”

“I’ve made my peace, and I died knowing I did everything I could do to save my sisters and keep my pups alive. There is nothing else I need to fulfill me.”

“It has been a pleasure being your wolf, Kas. I
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Michelle Melia
Broke my heart before you put it back together again. So many tears…
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh thank goddess!! Just bawling at work and can’t put the phone down!
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m crying .... I want her & Lenora back 🥲🥲

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