Book 2: Chapter 127

“She’s pregnant?” I ask out loud, no one in particular.

“Twins,” Reggie says dully.

“Based on how big she is and comparing her to when Musu was pregnant, we think she’s due any day. Since she hasn’t eaten, her babies are basically using her body for nutrition. For lack of a better term, they’re eating her alive,” Milo says, as he brushes his hand against her cheek. He sits back on his heels and looks at her with tears in his eyes, “We don’t know what happened to Lex. She hasn’t been able to heal her for over three weeks now.”

“What did the doctor say?” I gulp hard. I plant my feet to the ground, afraid to move.

“You said no fucking doctors,” Reggie hisses at me through gritted teeth, “or have you forgotten?”

“LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO HER YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Saint’s first words in weeks are pure rage against me. He tries to claw his way forward to take control and get to Kas, still protective of her. I take a step forward. A small piece of me, a deep down part that has been hidden awa
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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
Bronx deserve all the pain he is feeling now. ...... this is all his fault. Kas didn't deserve this. Bronx is a horrible mate
goodnovel comment avatar
Lauren Fee
So well written I’ve ugly cried every time I’ve re-read the last few chapters
goodnovel comment avatar
Selena Cunningham
This part is so sad that I have tears in my eyes.

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