Book 1: Chapter 29

Bronx's POV

I never imagined how perfect my first time would be. I feel pure contentment as I lay next to Kas, but I also felt lust for more at the same time.

Kas has an arm and a leg draped over me. I use my fingertips to gently caress her arm as we admire each other. Her beautiful violet eyes look tired, which is expected. A first shift takes a lot out of you. There was still a glint of mischief in there too. I take her hand and kiss it.

"You're amazing," I smile at her as I tuck some sparkly stray hairs behind her ear.

"You called me your little goddess," she smiles sleepily.

“Well, you're mine and you are a goddess, aren't you?”

“Yeah, I suppose that's true," she muses, looking into the distance.

“And compared to just about the rest of the world, except maybe fairies and tree sprites, you are little," I tease, "That makes you my little goddess.”

"Hey! I've grown half an inch since I've been here," she giggles at me. I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer so I can pep
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Catherine Kimmel
Don't drink it, Bronx. You promised. Tell Milo what Kas had you promise.
goodnovel comment avatar
I bet it’s from Ryan or Ryan’s father! It probably has the wolfsbane in it. I hope Bronx remembers his promise!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Aww they’re having a pup, nice

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