Author: Ndidi Otuya




My name is Hannah, and I am princess of Brone. yes, the actual princess, the only child of my parents. My conception is one of those stories they tell around campfires, with children gathered, cross legged and bright eyed. And when it ends, those stay seated waiting for more, knowing it's over.

But when I hear the story of my conception, the hairs on my skin stand on end, and I am humbled. But I am reminded, that life is a gift, my life is a gift, and I must honour that and not take it for granted. My people are a blessing, and I must remember my responsibilty to them.

with all this said, another story begins,

My name is Hannah, princess of Brone, And my Kingdom is being threatened.

My people fear, and the anxiety of what comes next eats at them. it eats at all of us, causing us to shudder whenever we remember, and making us- some, if not all- want to hide, run, and keep the evil, keep the dark away.

But we can't all hide you see. we can't all run away. Heaven knows , the hiding, the running would be all but welcome right now, so easy. But so wrong.

I can save them, it's my destiny, I believe. Although papa and mama, refuse to acknowledge this.

They'd rather I stay at out of something so vile and destructive. I don't blame them, but their request is a hard one, an impossible one.

But I feel it, the dread, the certainty that something big is coming. I'm no mystic, but I guess it's safe to say, I'm no stranger to strange.

So yes, truly, I feel it. The darkness, the pull of it, the tug of it, the sadistic euphoria, the emptiness, the destruction...

And I no choice but to let it come, and then when it is time, to stay, to sit with it, and to fight against it.


They say many are called but few are chosen.

And that even after you've been called you still have a choice. you can take up the mantle of purpose, of destiny, or you can turn away, you can walk away?

Walk away from destiny? Walk away from purpose?

But if you walk away from that which you have been called for, what else would fill you up? what else could make you feel whole? what elese could make like worth living?

On dark days, what would be the light?

On sad days, what would bring you joy? what would bring a smile to your face, the bright , precious light to yours eyes?

so maybe there is a choice, and that the problem isn't really if you'll be given a choice or not, but rather, if you'll make the right choice.

the choice to chase the light,

the choice to chase the good.

the choice to chase the beautiful.

And what is the light, the good, the beautiful? 

Are they all in onne narrow path, or do you have to strive, toil, and go a little bit mad ifrom running around in circles to attain that which is worth it?

That which is worth fighting for, That which is worth dying for?

For what is the point of 'it,' if you don't see it as worth fighting for, as what dying for?

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