Chapter Thirty-one

" Hannah?"

Jasper asked as he walked into his bed chambers, completely startled to find her in there, straightening his bed, as though she'd laid in it. Which she had, she'd watched Jasper enter the throne room and turned away somewhat hurt that he hadn't shared the fact that he had been summoned by her father, with her. She had walked back to her bed Chambers and sat on her bed, standing again  several minutes later, telling herself she would not mope. Instead she had a bath, had a maiden do up her and walked to Jasper's newly assigned room. it wasn't that hard to find, the guards could be very helpful when they had a mind to. And so she waited for him to come back and wondered what it was that was being said between both the king and Jasper that took so long. She wasn’t nosy, she didn’t see herself as nosy anyway. She chose to call her behaviour curious. Exactly, she was simply being curious.

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