Chapter Thirty-Four

“Will she be okay?" Hannah asks, bending over her grandmother, tears running down her face. She had faced a hard hit when the Athanatoi had thrown her aside, and Hannah was sure they had been cruel to her even before they reached the castle. It made her angry just thinking about it. Made her sad looking at Grandmother, the way she looked frail and vulnerable. Her parents had said Martha was Welcome, shwe just wished Martha had been there sooner, then those ancient devils would never have gotten a chance to touch her. But nevertheless, she was with them now, and by God Almighty, as long as she lived, they’d never lay a hand on her grandmother ever again. Neither they nor anyone else.

"Just a few bruises, but they'll heal." Queen Anastasia said, but she too worried about her mother

"What aren't you saying mama?" Hannah asked, looked at her mother, beg

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