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He shook his head and groaned.

   She doesn't know what she's saying.

Nicklaus, say something. Lara pressed further.

 Say what?

Anything. She said pouting and he chuckled.

He chuckled.. He just chuckled. She almost yelled.

You just chuckled? She said more like a statement.

  So what, chuckling is a crime? He asked.

No, never thought cold guy could chuckle. She said giggling.

  Cold guy, Huh?? He said.

Yeah, you're too cold. Warm up already. She said pouting again.

Okay, I'll try. He said.

You.... You'll try. She yelled stuttering.

So? He asked.

Nothing, am going to the village tommorow. Are you coming? She asked.

No, I'll be busy. He said shaking his head.

You'll be busy, please Nicklaus.   

     Don't you wanna feel the evening breeze soothing your skin. Please just come with me. She pleaded.

He looked up and saw a pleading Lara, Palms clasp together as if she was praying inside.

He shook his head and blinked his eyes, this woman is trying to make him see the world as she see it.

    She doesn't know it's impossible.

Okay. He said and nodded his head.

I'll go. He said and his eyes met hers.

Really. Her eyes beamed open.

  Thank you. She pouted leaving him to chuckle more.


Your Majesty, The Kingdom of Natus is preparing for war. Richard said and bowed.

For War? His brows furrowed. Face frowned, his ink stood still. He didn't say a word.

Richard knew, he was pissed.

To War with which Kingdom? He asked, his eyes bloodshot.

Our King...Dom, the Kingdom of Athopa. Richad was forced to stutter.

The King was damn angry. The Kingdom of Natus just signed their death certificate.

Hmph. He said and continued with his scrolls.

He doesn't remember the last time he got angry. He has been controlling it ever since Lara came.

She is changing him. Just that thought made him frown.

He signed and continued with the scrolls.

This scroll writing and reading was something, he uses to distract himself.

But now, it wasn't working..

His head, his heart was still talking.

And all he could hear was Lara.


Morning came, blowing cool Breeze in every part of the Palace.


The rustling of trees and flowers were heard, the noise made by birds.

Then Peace settled, this was unusual. The peace that clung in the air, giving each soul rest was so unusual.

  So.. so unusual.

One thing was clear, a bit of burden was taken. Taken from a soul who had been loaded with so much burden.

This Peace was what the Palace needed..

  This was the best weather the needed...


Oh my... Princess Lara yawned stirring up from sleep.

Last night she had slept well, so we'll. She was smiling when she slept and she woke up still smiling.

Good morning, Your Highness. Kali said peering into Lara's face.

Am good, Kali. You're gonna kill me with that look. She said rolling her eyes.

  You were smiling all through your sleep Princess, it was so nice to see you smile. Kali said giving her Princess a good grin.

You're always taking Kali. Lara said again.

  Tell me Princess, what's the secret. Kali said giggling.


Please tell me, I want to smile like that too. Kali teased.

Oh God. Lara muttered.

You know, you can always talk to me. Right? Kali pouted.

No, definitely no. Lara half yelled..

Okay, keep it to yourself then. Kali said with a scoff.

  Crazy girl. Lara muttered.

Kali am going to the Village today and the King is coming too. She squealed 

Oh my, no wonder you were smiling. Kali said giggling, it's gonna a fun, it's gonna be fun. She sand like a child.

Where should we go? Kali asked blinking her eyes.

  Anywhere you want, Kali. Lara said and stood up.

Really, her eyes widened. I love you... I love you Princess.

You're the best. She yelled.

Okay, time for your bath Princess. It's going to be a long day...


It was Morning. Beth was up, dressing to go meet The Royal Court. They had summoned her.

They all want her to be Queen instead of that bitch. She smiled as the thought came in to her head.

Long live the Queen. She whispered as she wrapped her beads on her hair.

  Dressed with the finest silk, golden beads and best shoes, one would bow three times to her her. She looked pretty. She thought.

Walking out of her Chambers, she smiled again.

  What a beautiful day. She muttered.

Hilina. She yelled and her maid scurried to her side.

Good morning, Your Majesty. Hilina said and bowed.

Your Majesty... Gosh, she loves that title and it's going to be hers soon. She thought and walked away.


It was getting to noon. The King was ready for the Village walk.

He shook his head in disbelief. He's really going to walk around the village and all for Lara. He's brow knitted to a frown at that thought.

Am here, am sorry for keeping you waiting. Lara said smiling.

Hmph. Was all he said as he turned and started walking away.

Princess Lara's eye ran all over him and she smiled.

  She's going to melt that heart.

That heart of stone will be melted. She thought and smiled.

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