Chapter 05


I don’t know how much time has passed already, considered that there is no clock in this room. They haven’t given me any food either while hours must have passed since Agent Vitali left me here.

I sigh to myself while I stay seated on the bed. Raising my hand, I rub my temples, tiredness overcoming my body and mind. I need to sleep, but I can't bring myself to sleep, because I am confined in a place where people only care about what they want or need. Even if I am helpless, I must stay wide awake so I know who tried to harm me and why in general.

Suddenly, the door to the white dull room opens after hours and the Agent who-I-don’t-know the name of…steps inside leisurely. His eyes land on mine and he pauses beside the door.

I feel a wave of fear passing through my body for a moment, but then the utter calmness claims my mind again.

“ Having fun? ” He lifts his right eyebrow in amusement and utters.

This one se


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Carol Brooks
Liking this story line a lot. can't wait to see what happens next.

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