Chapter 22


I close my eyes. The vein in my neck throbs against the tip of the bloodied sharp knife.

He is going to kill me.

“ If you attack someone, you have to do it right, Darling because if you fail and give them a chance, they won’t hesitate before slicing your pretty throat open. ” He whispers against my lips.

The tip of the knife presses further into my neck but never pierces my skin. He doesn’t want to kill me.

I open my eyes, meeting his gaze from up close. He looks like the epitome of perfection, someone without any flaws when he is so near.

For a moment, I forget where I am standing. I forget about the knife held against my neck, I forget about the seduction and hidden serious look in his eyes.

I see him for what he is. The emotions flickering in his eyes, the raw desire and the painful ne

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