Chapter six

I feel something heavy on top of me when I stir up. I quickly open my eyes scanning the room before I come face to face with dark brown hair. The soft snore vibrating against my chest makes me realise how we ended up in such a compromising position. We watched die hard 2, 3 but through 4, Della fell asleep. I made her sleep on my lap not wanting to wake her up. I might have dozed off too.

However the position we are in is kind of weird. I smooth my hand through her hair. Soft, silky and long is how it feels. Della moans a little when I do it again. I can't believe she is still this soundly asleep. I raise my eyes to peak a look at her face. She looks so relaxed and very beautiful.

While I lay back down, I wake her up unintentionally. I didn't realise until now how inconvenient the position we are in is until she stirs and another sensitive part on my body stirs. Oh shit!

"I am sorry." I apologize quickly. Della raises her head immediately to look at me. Despite her sleepy face, she ma
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