Chapter seven

Dinner with my family has always been a drama show. I have a feeling tonight is not going to be any different. With a mother so loving, kind and helpful who always scolds you for the smallest things like tasting the salad before the steak, a father who needs control of your life twenty four seven and a brother who is hell bent on making your life hell. A mixture of such characters is destined to end in a shit show.

I have been texting away on my phone for an hour now outside at the balcony. The reason I came out here was to get some oxygen and just be alone except Aaron, my elder brother doesn't understand the theory of personal space.

"A little birdie told me you got yourself a hiding place at the balcony." I don't turn to confirm anything. I already know he wants to make me mad.

"Are you texting a girl? Whoa, let me..." I duck my phone away from his grabby hands. I turn to scowl at him.

"What? I thought you wanted your little girlfriend back." Aaron mocks. He wants me to give him th
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