Rogue life

Aleka's  Pov

I was passing through no man's land, this land was not claimed by any pack and the only one's I may find here are rogues.

Normally wolves are afraid of them but me, I am not afraid of anything except my one strength.

It was really cold here and I need to make some arrangements for the night.

I was searching for some sticks when I heard footsteps approaching me.

I don't have any special hearing skills like other werewolves, my human resembles any other normal humans in all respects, my werewolf doesn't speak to me unlike other werewolf's and neither do I smell like one ,I am completely human unless I decide to let out my wolf which I  never want to.

Instead of running, I stood my ground and continued my search.

The footsteps stopped behind me and I analysed there were 2 rogues behind me, on seeing me they shifted into their human form.

"Look John who we got here!"

One said to another.

I turned around to face them.

"Wow, what's a beauty like you doing here, the human city is nearly 50 kilometres from here sweetheart." 

"I am a wanderer but I guess I wandered a bit too far this time"

They smiled at my reply and introduced themselves to me, one was John and the other one was Chris.

I told them that what I was doing and they decided to help me.

"We will love to take some rest and enjoy your company if you don't mind?"

Well they looked like good people and I myself will enjoy some company ,so why not?


They smiled and we lit a fire and sat around it.

They were silent and I knew they were talking through the mind link.

"I guess you are talking good things about me?"

I said raising an eyebrow


"We are not talking sweetheart"

John said

"I meant mind linking"

"You know!!!"

They replied together and had a similar shocked expression on their faces.

"Yaa I was myself in a pack once, now you can consider me a rogue just like you, we are more similar than you thought"

I said with a smile

"O thank god otherwise it would have been awkward, we haven't been in a human's company since long"

Replied Chris rubbing his neck in awkwardness.

We continued to talk for the next few hours but then they asked me that one question which reopened those deep wounds I have been trying to stitch since last 5 years

"So have you found your mate?"

Was the question and I went silent

They sensed my uneasiness and John said

"You don't need to answer that, it was personal and we just met so.."

"No that's alright, he was the Alpha of my pack and he rejected me 5 years back, but I guess he was right who would want a human as a mate, I am not Luna material anyways"

"Hey girl why do you say something like that, anyone would be lucky to have a mate like you, he must be blind to not realise that and I am sure he is regretting it"

John said .

We continued to talk for a few more minutes and then decided to call of the night.

I was trying to sleep but old memories disturbed my mind, those images were very difficult to erase

FLASHBACK(15 years back)

I and my sister were playing hide and seek in the woods, I was hiding and she was finding me, I was hiding in the bark of the tree and she was coming my way, she was metres away when I saw something black block my view of her, there stood a black wolf growling at my sister .

I was in a shocked state to even move a muscle ,and before I could even blink an eye he lunged at her and I screamed in fear.


The wolf abruptly stopped and  turned around to look at me, it had blood-red eyes and never had I seen such a scary wolf.

It started taking small steps towards me, I closed my eyes fearing my death,

But it never came.

Instead what I saw on opening my eyes was worse than death

My sister Nova had jumped on his back to stop him and he tore her tiny body into pieces.

My pack members were near, the scary wolf took a last glance at me and ran away.

The sight I saw that night still haunts me, my pack members blamed me for her death, they said I should have died that day instead of her, they said I was weak to protect her.

Their words didn't matter, the only thing that mattered was that I will never see my  Nova again.


I jerked awake to see dark forest surrounding me, my heart calmed down and I realised my forehead was sweating and my eyes were wet.

I continued to twist and turn but sleep was not coming ,the only thing that was coming were flashbacks from my life which were my worst nightmares.


Memory 1

"You know she didn't shift on her 18th birthday, I guess she will always be a weak human"

A girl whispered 

"That's good news now we'll have a new omega to listen to our orders"

The other replied and they laughed looking at me.


.There words didn't matter but one's whose did matter broke me piece by piece 

Memory 2

"You know you deserve this for what you did to Nova, this is god's way of repaying you and even he doesn't love you, you are truly a disgrace to our Beta Rank, that's why mom and dad have always hated you"

My brother said to me with hatred and disgust and walked passed me pushing my shoulder.



Memory 3

We looked into each other's eyes and I knew he was my mate, within seconds love for his mate was replaced by hatred .

"You can't be my mate, this must be a sick joke, a pathetic weak human this can't happen, you can't be her, I have to rejec.."

"No alpha please don't even say that word, I... I'll be a good mate I promise just give me a chance, please just one chance!"

Memory 4

"Our Luna was murdered in cold blood yesterday and no one was found at the sight of murder except Aleka Gray, all the pieces of evidence accuse her of the murder and it will be Alpha's decision to sign her death sentence or to banish her from all packs."

The Alpha i.e my mate's father spoke

"I have decided to banish her, she will be leaving today at 12"

Aleka was taken to the dungeons with chains around her hands, on her way she kept on pleading for her innocence.

"Please ...please ...believe me I didn't kill her, there was another wolf there he had red eyes!

please just believe me!!!!"

She said begging everyone and anyone to trust her but they all were looking at her with looks of betrayal and hate, they all wanted to kill her for killing their luna.

She dropped at the feet of her mate begging him to trust her, begging him to stop him from dying as any girl who went rogue has never ever survived the evil world outside,

But her mate stood still like a statue not able to believe that his lifeline his mother was no more.

Aleka wanted him to say something ,say anything but what he spoke made Aleka to lose her struggles and turned her ice-cold

"I, the next Alpha of this pack reject you, Aleka Gray, as my mate"

Aleka fell on the floor but not a single cry of pain escaped her lips, her inside was screaming but her outside became hard as ice

They dragged her roughly out of the decision room and the next day she was thrown out of her pack into the dangerous world with no one at her side


These were the worst memories of her life, seeing them all at once made her realise how pathetic and weak she was back then.

Her past had made her what she is now. A headstrong women with no place for emotions, friendship and relationships

The only purpose she had in life was to find that black wolf with red eyes and avenge the death of her ex luna and her sister Nova.

My whole night went like that and with the first rays of  Sun, I picked up my backpack and was ready to go.

After exchanging goodbyes with Chris and John I started my search to the next pack.

Chris and John were a  good company and we got along well, they even asked me to join them but I travel alone.

Revenge for that red-eyed wolf was my only purpose in life and I was the lone traveller on this road of revenge.

This purpose only kept me alive for so many years otherwise I would have died the first time a pack of 10 rogues attacked me after I was banished.

Everyone at my pack must think that I am dead as no she rogue can survive for 5 years but they didn't know that I was not just an ordinary rogue she-wolf I was the legendary

Thunder wolf.

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Wendy Santana Pangburn
Wow! That is a great amount of judgement placed on one so young. It's amazing what others will say or do to justify their bad behavior. Great job on pulling me right into the story. Emotional response already!

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