Thunder wolf ( Book 1)

Thunder wolf ( Book 1)

By:  suzangill  Completed
Language: English
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No one has seen his face but everyone has heard about him. Where ever his name is called, the result is absolute and complete destruction. He is known to wipe out an entire pack in just few minutes, and never ever has been there a survivor to tell what exactly happened there. Sone say he attacks Alpha's, others say he targets rogues. But no one knows who will be his next target. They say sky gets covered by dark clouds before he arrives and thunder strikes the ground he stands. The werewolf council declared him the most wanted wolf in the entire werewolf world with the order of kill in sight. If only they could get him in sight. With sight of an eagle, speed of lightning and roar of thunder. He was the most powerful wolf ever known to exist. He was the thunder wolf. Or should I say she?

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Ntsako Mucabel
2024-03-17 03:00:10
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Love it. Haven’t finished reading yet but I can already tell it’s gonna be good.
2022-06-18 06:54:07
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Unique book!
2021-11-19 03:33:34
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The storyline is good but turns confusing in some scenes.
2024-01-25 12:59:06
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good story but spell check is horrible and plot is all over the place. i really like the concept of it though.
2022-07-30 10:54:25
user avatar
Lizjh Memairi
nice story
2021-09-30 12:23:53
34 Chapters
Power is desired by all, but when this power is not in your control it becomes your greatest weakness. It can make you do things you wouldn't even want to see in your worst nightmare.Such was the power the thunder wolf had, she was capable of killing children, mothers, innocent people with a blink of an eye but the consequences had to be faced by the human part of her.The guilt, the pain of seeing dead bodies, the silence after death were all faced by the human part of the thunder wolf.She was once a naive, innocent, pure hearted girl who only liked to spread smiles but the way the world treated her made her an ice-cold person with no emotions.She was immune to all emotions except one and that was anger.This emotion when let loose unleashed the beast inside her and whatever happened after it was not under her control.She had eyes as black as night,  body as perfect as a supermodel, abs as defined as that of a  fighter.The h
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The most wanted
8:30 am 2nd November 2017Warewolf council roomJuneau,AlaskaOn the Bench sat the 10 eldest members of the werewolf community.Around 100 members from packs all around the world were seated in the room and on the head seat sat the King of werewolves, Aaron Alistaire King."The last attack was three days back the details arePack name-blue moonAlpha name -Caleb ReynoldsPack members -120Survivors -noneReason-unknownTime 12:46 amDuration of attack:8 minutesMode of destruction -fire and some unknown force" one person presented the case "I think this is thunder wolf again, the details are similar to his last attack"One council member said"Yes, I agree he is the one behind this, but the question is what do we do about him? all the packs are living under the fear of getting attacked at any time? we need to do something about him, he is threatening our very existence!!"
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Rogue life
Aleka's  PovI was passing through no man's land, this land was not claimed by any pack and the only one's I may find here are rogues.Normally wolves are afraid of them but me, I am not afraid of anything except my one strength.It was really cold here and I need to make some arrangements for the night.I was searching for some sticks when I heard footsteps approaching me.I don't have any special hearing skills like other werewolves, my human resembles any other normal humans in all respects, my werewolf doesn't speak to me unlike other werewolf's and neither do I smell like one ,I am completely human unless I decide to let out my wolf which I  never want to.Instead of running, I stood my ground and continued my search.The footsteps stopped behind me and I analysed there were 2 rogues behind me, on seeing me they shifted into their human form."Look John who we got here!"One said to another.I turned ar
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They meet again
 Aaron's povI was sitting in my office surrounded by papers when I see dad enter my office."I have been nothing but patient with you son but now I need you to decide !"He said with authority."What are you talking about Dad?"I said still doing my work, paying little attention to what he was saying ."You know really well what I am talking about,it's been 3 long years and you still have no queen by your side!People have started talking about it, doubting if they will ever have a queen,I gave you long enough time to overcome what happened in the past but now it's high time now Son!"I was really tired ,not in the mood to carry forward this talk,just why can't I rule without a queen !!"Dad you already know my answer ,please just leave me alone!""No son not this time,so many women of high ran
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Will to survive
Aaron's povWe were heading towards the southern borders when we saw the shadow of a small figure coming towards us.On getting closer we realised that it was Angela.She had dried tears on her cheeks and her eyes were red from crying.Her elbows were bruised and she had a scared look on her face.On seeing us she fastened her footsteps and came running towards us.In a swift movement Dan picked her up and hugged her. Thank god she was safe,I don't know how but she was like a magnet of love,everyone loved her for her innocence and pure heart and I was no exception.Emma came running towards us on seeing Angela.She gave her kisses all over her face and said soothing words to her.Suddenly I got a mind link from the pack wolves who were at petrol"Alpha,we see 2 rogues near the border!""Capture them but don't kill them ,I am on my way!" "I will kill these bas***** who tried to hurt
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Will to survive (2)
Aleka's povThey say death is peaceful but what I am seeing right now is absolute and complete chaos. Scream of people can be heard,dead bodies are lying all around me,the only colour I can see around is red.This looked like the doomsday with bloodshed all around.Sky is covered with dark clouds and thunder is striking the sky making it look like the moon godess is showing her anger on seeing this bloodshed.I was standing in between all this, wearing white clothes but there was not even a single drop of blood on me.What is this?Where am I ?People say we are afraid of the fear of death but not of death .They say death silences all your pains,clears all your worries and seizes your struggles.It brings peace.But seeing everything around me,it's either that what people say is wrong or I am not dead yet.Then in the centre of this hell I saw him.The wolf with red eyes and jet b
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Stay Order
Today was my second day here in my old pack.The thing I loved the most here wasThe soft mattressI leterally slept like a baby on itSleeping on those hard grounds made me foget what the comfort of a bed felt like. So here I was laying on the bedSurrounded by my hug buddies aka my pillowsLooking at the ceiling deciding what to do today.The Alpha passed a stay order on me so I had no choice but to stay here.But I will only listen to his order untill my wounds recover.On getting recovered I will break all his orders and will leave like a free bird breaking  through it's cage.So for today I decided to visit my favourite placeAfter getting ready I walked down the stairs to see some pack members having breakfastThere were just 20 members sitting at the table whereas the pack consisted of nearly 1500 members.After all ,this was the strongest pack in the world with the largest ar
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Stay order(2)
"Next"The gamma saidAnd I went inside the circleFate plays a very fair game.I must admit this todayBecause my opponent was none other than the same boy who defeated me here at the same place 5 years backHe still had that smirk on his faceAnd today i'll be more than happy to rub it off from his faceI smiled on seeing him and place my hands inside my track pant's pocketsThe fight was going to start in next 3 seconds and everyone was staring at my hands in my pocketsIs she going to fight like this?Is she insane!Jake will beat her to pulp today!Does she have a death wish!Their worries were normal but they didn't knew that I was not normal.I was exceptional321The bell rang and Jake tried to attack me with a punch directed to my face.I dodged him effortlessly stepping to my leftHe got agitated and tried to side kick m
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I hate that I love you.
Meeting roomRoyal moon pack"Good evening everyone!Today I have gathered you here to tell you all a good news!"The old man who was the earlier king of this kingdom started."You all wanted a queen to stand here by the side of my son who is the Alpha king ,well I am more than happy to inform you all that my son has chosen his queen and she is someone among you all""She may not have Alpha blood in her but she is a very powerful warewolf and you all already love her for her personality"His gaze shifted towards his son Aaron who was already staring at him with an emotionless look."The future queen of warewolves will be Jane Augustus,if anyone has any objections they can state it now or they can stay quiet for the rest of their lifes,Anyone?"An elder lady of the pack objected"I don't think they are mates,shouldn't we try to find our Alpha's mate?"This was expected but the previous Alpha king dreaded t
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Blame me ( 1)
Today a meeting of neighbouring 7 packs was going to be held in our territory.Alphas and their members were arriving And here I was sitting under the table of the meeting room deciding if this was a good hideout or not.This room was soo big but there was not a single place where I could hide without the fear of getting caught.This was the best place I could find.So hey don't judgeI wanted to attend this meeting when I came to know it's purposeThis was a perfect opportunity to find out those rival packs which are claiming to be our friends but are planning an attack on our territory behind our back.The biggest advantage I have here is my lack of scentThey wouldn't be able to find me unless I committed a mistakeHeavy footsteps started entering the room and soon chairs scrapped the floor and all 15 seats around me were filled .When all settled down the meeting started"Good morning Alphas ,the
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