My mistake,my regrets

Her sorrow ,her requests

Her pleading ,her desperation

My ego,my ignorance.

She was my angel when I was her devil.

She was my saviour when I was her murderer.

Her eyes held love when mine held hatred.

Her hands acted as my protector when mine stabbed her with a knife.

Her goodness was brought to light when the dark veil of misconceptions got lifted from me eyes.

And now when I can see her goodness in light,

Her eyes are closed in darkness.

If only I could revertback time,

If only I could set things right.

This regret is killing me from inside.

Her innocent face is making me cry.

And with each teardrop that is falling on her face.

I am repeating one thing again and again

"I love you Aleka

I love you....."

-by Aaron Alistaire king


Aaron's pov

I never thought such a day would come in my li

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Linda G
what is the point of having her so damaged?

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