Council's Verdict

The events that unfolded on the day of the demise of red eyed wolf were witnessed by the pack members of the Royal blood moonlight park.They were all asked not to say a word about this to any outsider by their king but someone went against him.

But the worst part was that the details of the events that spread around were distorted and false.

Truth would have made everyone appreciate the heroism of the thunder wolf, but half truth made the thunder wolf sound as a villian.

A villian whose hands had blood of innocents.

The one who was a dangerous animal and who all wanted to be executed  with the most painfull death ever known to wolfkind.

The day of the courts verdict was decided

28 th of January

This day was eagerly awaited by everyone

Everyone wanted justice to be served.

No one knew who thunder wolf was and how he looked like.

Her last act of heroism was hidden from all.

They just heard that the thunder w

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