Council's Verdict (2)

Her silence made the king sitting on the throne clench his hand in a fist,his knuckles were white showing the anger building up inside him.

He had told her to explain everything ,every single thing to the judges and here she was standing silently asking for a death wish.

He couldn't intervene ,his throne wouldn't allow him to.

But he expected her to explain her innocence .

His angry eyes were fixed on her face ,he wanted to look into them to find the reason for her silence but she refused to open them.

Silence continued and the presenter moved on to the next question

Everyone was now filled with rage,this angelic beauty was a deception,she was a beast in the facade of an angel they thought.

Her silence made them remember their hatred towards her.

"Aleka Gray is hereby found guilty of killing innocents in cold blood ,now I would like the elders to ask her any questions and then announce her punishment "

Aleka's tiny body wa

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