Chapter 2

Daniel’s POV


I never believed in mates and mate bonds, nor had I thought that it would have such a great impact on me just after the first meeting.

I was so mad and angry for everything that this family did to me, and after all this, they had the guts to offer me to marry a human?


I was taking out my anger on them. That's when I smelt a scent that made me weak for a while. I wanted to stop shouting at them and start looking for that scent, but then my ego went against that decision of mine.

I mind-linked my guards to make sure to bring everyone near to living instantly because my wolf and I were feeling restless. He was pacing in me and desperately wanted to get free. He had sensed someone, and it was the first time he was acting this way.

Soon, the scent was getting stronger, and it took me a second to control my urges. I was feeling desperate. I wanted something or someone.

All I knew was that I wanted to see the person behind this smell.

And that’s when my eyes landed on her.

Her perfect body, long hair, and pretty face could make anyone crazy. Her hair was tied in a messy bun with a few curls over her face. They look so silky that I started having an urge to touch them. Her blue eyes showed so much innocence at the same time. The moment our eyes met… I realized something that should have been realized a lot sooner than this.


My wolf shouted loudly in my mind. I was not sure how to react to it, but one thing was sure that I was shocked beyond the statement.

Finding my mate was the last thing in my mind.

Not to forget, my mate was a weak human.

‘You can’t call her weak without knowing anything about her.’, My wolf defended her. And here it goes, my wolf has already become a love-sick puppy after finding out our mate. That was why I hate mate bond; it makes a lion behave like a kitten. 

And above all, choosing a human mate was like falling for the lamb, that too being a Lion.

Damn it.

My breathing was hard, and my chest puffed up and down as I continued to stare at her.


I have had a trust issue from the very beginning. That’s why I had appointed one of my spies in the Alpha Williams’s pack to keep me updated about all the things which were going on there. I never want to marry anyone, mate or not, but then as an Alpha, I need to strengthen my pack, and for that, my aunt came up with the plan of marrying another Alpha’s daughter. I refused at first, but then she made me swear her life, and I was kind of forced to marry that stupid she-wolf, Aleena, who is the younger sister of my…mate, a fact that I learned a few minutes ago.

I had made it clear to Aleena not to keep any expectations from me by writing her a letter because I didn’t find it important to meet her after knowing how annoying and irritating she was. I also explained in the letter that she would get money and all the stuff, but she wouldn’t have any right to my life.

And today, my spy informed me in the morning about what all happened; I became furious. Not just because of that stupid Alpha daughter but because someone tried to cheat my family and me by tormenting our family status. And no one dares to mess with Daniel Grint. I have a status to maintain and my so-called bride running away on the day of the wedding was still a big thing. Though I was internally relieved to get freed from all this marriage thing, I still needed to teach this family a lesson.

But all my plans to teach them a lesson changed after spotting my mate.

I found her looking at me adoringly.

Well, I had a body to die for, so I didn’t blame her, but unlike other girls, she was not looking downwards but was looking into my eyes like she was able to read all my thoughts by looking in them. I was still dumbfounded.

When I got to know that she was the elder daughter of this family, I was shocked again. I remember them telling me about the fact that they had an elder daughter, but never did they mention her being a human. Moreover, even if they would have, I never paid any attention to it as I was not interested in this stuff. Never in my dreams had I thought that she could be my MATE.

My wolf was asking me to say ‘YES’ for the wedding, for his sake, but I didn't want to lie to him.

I was going to say yes because I even wanted her to make MINE.

That’s when I agreed to the marriage without talking with her about it. I knew that I should have asked her and talked with her about it, but then my EGO came in front of that thinking, and I went along with my ego. I thought that she would happily agree because I was sure that she was attracted to me. Her eyes said it all, and I am THE ALPHA DANIEL GRINT. I have everything that any girl looks for in their mate, looks, fame, money. What else does a girl need in her mate?

No girl in her right state of mind could reject me, but her NO was a big shock for me.

My wolf whimpered, thinking that she rejected us. I asked her again to confirm, but she said those words again.

I was hurt, and when she saw my eyes, her face softened.

‘How can this girl make me feel weak? I’m known among the strongest Alphas in the entire world, but her denial made me feel sad, and my wolf whimpered in no time?

But no one can say NO to me.

She has to say marry me, either willing or unwilling, because there is no way I am letting her go. As the idea of her in the arms of someone else doesn’t settle well in my mind.’

That’s why I threatened her, and a part of me knew that this would work.

I left from there, giving her the time of 10 minutes, but the entire time, my ears were on their conversation.

“You don’t have to say YES for this marriage, Princess. I will face the consequences of the deed which Aleena did.”, Alpha Williams said.

“Oh! Just shut up!” I heard the sound of Luna Catherine. “Eva, Alpha Daniel will destroy everything you love, which includes all the memories of your mother as well which you have with you in this pack. Do you want that to happen? Also, I apologize for everything that Aleena and I did to you, but please say YES to this marriage because I can agree that maybe your father was never a good mate for your mother, but you can’t deny the fact that he was always there for you whether you wanted him or not. So, it’s your time to fulfill the duty of a daughter.”

“Stop blackmailing her, Cat. I didn’t do anything for her with the expectation of asking such a big favor from her.”, Alpha Williams said, and after a while, both started arguing like an animal.

While they kept arguing, I smelt the scent of my mate getting stronger. It means she was coming toward me.

“I agree to marry you.”, She said while her face was avoiding any emotion.

“You are really agreeing to the marriage?” I asked again because I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Yes.”, She replied with her voice low. I nodded my head, giving her a normal expression but deep down, my wolf and I were dancing and jumping in joy. I was thanking Aleena for running away.

“Great. I hope…”, She started leaving from there without listening to what I was going to say. I held her wrist and yanked her toward me. “I hate when someone neglects me and doesn’t listen to me.”, I whispered angrily.

I knew I was hurting her, but I still couldn’t control my anger when I felt neglected by her.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Daniel. I am going to be your mate, your equal, not your slave, so better learn to behave properly.”, She hissed and used all her strength to push me away. And I was surprised to see her success.

Her eyes were full of tears, but she didn’t let them fall down from her eyes and was glaring at me. She rubbed her hand and tried to leave from there again.

“You are not allowed to go out until our wedding.”


“What if you run away? When your younger sister can betray me, then how can I believe you that you will keep your words?” I spat back.

She tapped her foot on the floor while gritting her teeth. “Fine.”, She said angrily and walked inside the house.

‘You made her mad.’, My wolf said in a sad tone.

‘I can’t help it. I can’t trust her, at least not without knowing her.’, I explained, but he didn’t say anything in return.


Alpha Williams’ POV


I knocked on the door, and it was open; to my surprise, as I entered, I saw Eva holding her mother’s photo frame in her hand.

“Eva!” I called her name to gain her attention.

“Yes, Mr. Williams,” She answered, looking toward me. My heart ached after listening to her formal greeting. I just hoped to hear ‘DAD’ from her mouth someday.

“Princess, you don’t have to do it. I know how much you hate our clan, and now you are going to marry the one.”

“I don’t want to talk about anything on this topic.”, She said, placing her mother’s photo frame in its place.

“Here.”, I said, forwarding her mother’s diary to her, which Clara asked me to hand over to Eva in case she decides to stay in the pack. I had no idea what she had left for our daughter in it.

“What’s this?”, She asked, taking the diary from my hand. “It’s mom's handwriting.”, She added, checking a few of its pages.

“Your mother asked me to give it to you when the right time comes. And I think it’s the right time.”

“Do you know what she had written in it?”

“No. I didn’t read anything.”

She nodded her head and whispered, “Thank you” in a low tone. “Can you tell me why Aleena ran away from her own wedding, leaving her mate?”, She asked. I was about to clear her confusion about Alpha Daniel not being Aleena’s mate; that’s when I felt Alpha Daniel’s presence near the room. I turned around and saw him standing at the door.

“If you don’t mind Alpha Williams, then can I speak to her in private?”, He asked, to which my eyes widened. When did he start taking permission? I looked at Eva, and she nodded. So, I left her room.



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