Chapter 70

Aleena's POV


After a while, I left there, and Paige tagged along with me by giving an excuse to her parents that she would make sure that I would feel alone. And Nora, well, even she wanted to join me too, but it seemed like her family knew her reason for coming with me, so they stopped her.

I didn’t say anything about that because it was her fight, and she had to fight on her own if she wanted to stay with her mate.

The more I was reaching near the packhouse, the more I could sense Paige’s wolf getting restless.

What was wrong with her?

In fact, instead of running with me, she started running ahead of me when we finally reached the pack. For a while, I thought it was her excitement, but what could excite a wolf?

I just stayed behind and observed where she was going. She was my responsibility, so I had to keep her safe and protected if required. She ran near my new Beta, Hudson, and purred, looking at him.

Okay! Tell me that this was exactly the same thing that I was thinking.

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