Evangeline’s POV


“Where were you?”, And there came his first question.

“In the forest.”, I replied the truth as he was already in my room and had seen me entering my room through the window. So, there was no use in lying to him.

“That I already know, Evangeline. You know what am I ask, so, don’t try to be over smart.”, He said, coming close to me. I tried to move backward but my back hit the window, making me realize that I didn’t have any space to move away.

“I have no idea what you are trying to ask. Why don’t you ask me directly? Maybe, in that case, you will get your answer?”, I questioned back innocently.

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Comments (6)
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Jenny Lyons
chapters are to short its very annoying when u have to wait..Not very happy with this app
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
All this misunderstanding and confusion needs to stop. And why doesn’t ivory, her Lycan wolf speak to his wolf. Sounds fishy to me.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
I’m not sure. Still on the fence.

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