Chapter 67

Aleena's POV


I looked at Stephen, and he looked as if he was in great thought about whether to answer me or not.

“Do you know what? Don’t answer that question because your silence answered me everything.”, I added, gritting my teeth.

“Before you start thinking anything evil about it, I want to clear something, Lina. I, too, had misunderstood her when you were stabbed, but I got my answer immediately when I asked her instead of making an assumption. Do you know what did she answer me, ‘I tried, Stephen. I tried. I told him what was coming next for him and also told him his death impacted Aleena. But do you know what he asked me to do? To not change a thing. It was not that he wanted anyone of us to see in pain, most importantly his little princess, because he knew his death would affect her the most. But it was the last part of his job as a father.

I couldn’t stop anyone’s death, but if not today, then that person will die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because that’s his fate. I
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