Chapter 75

Aleena’s POV


“It seems like you have learned a lot of things in the future.”, He said, crying and grinning happily.

“I…I’m not from the future.”, I lied bluntly.

“Sweetheart, I’m not that intelligent like you, but at least don’t think me dumb.”, he joked, on which I bit my inner cheeks to stop myself from admitting it. “Your hair… “, he paused before continuing, “... is now longer than the Aleena who just went on a date.”

He observed that?

“Well, it wasn’t just Stephen, but I was also observing you went you were walking toward him. It was just that there was a time that you were not able to walk properly without help, and your legs used to tremble while walking, and today you were taking long and confident steps.”, he added. “On the top, I know the power of Eva.”

I tried not to cry but started crying, “Yes, I’m from the future. And I had to say a lot of things to you.”, I cried, hugging him tightly in my arms.”

“Sure!! I’m all yours to listen.”


After a few hours!!

In between this,
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