Chapter 2

"Nica, dad." I called them.

When I heard that, I quickly went to the hospital, even though I can't move my knee, I was still rushing. Yunard really wanted to come, but I didn't agree, there was no one to look after the meat.

Dad bent down while holding the crutch while Nica was crying next to him. They looked at me at the same time. Nica quickly stood up to hug me.

She was still in uniform and could no longer get change. It's also close to 11 o'clock.

“What happened, Dad?” I asked and slowly sat down.

Dad looked sad and cried.

“I don't know. Suddenly, he couldn't breathe while running to our home. I don't know what to do. I'm so useless.” He continued to cry.

I don't want to see them hurting the most. I want to avoid seeing my dad and siblings struggling and crying.

We just waited until a doctor suddenly came out. I quickly approached the doctor when I saw him come out.

“Doc, what happened to my brother? Is he okay?" I asked.

He sighed and looked at me, next he looked to my dad who was beside me.

“Is there a history in your family of having heart disease?” He asked.

Dad and I looked at each other. No! Please. My brother is a lively child. 

“There is, Doc. My wife has a heart disease.” Dad insisted on making the words right.

He looked at me again and looked to my father next. I'm nervous! My palm is getting cold. I want to avoid thinking that he has a heart disease like my mom.

“I'm sorry to inform you that he has Coronary artery disease.” He said.

“Maybe you're wrong, doc. He is so healthy.” Dad said. I had nothing to say. I don't know what to say. I just stare at the doctor and wait for what he would say next.

"Sir, we can't be wrong. Your son has Coronary Artery Disease and if not treated early, he can die. He needs a surgery right away, that's the only way apart from prayer to save your son.” I couldn't take it anymore, I was just sitting on the floor when I heard it.

No. It's just a dream. That's right, this is only one of my dreams. I just keep convincing myself. My brother is very young. Why him?

“Sister!” Nica approached me and sat down on the chair. My tears also flowed. 

Surgery? Wait, isn't that expensive?

I was even more depressed to realize that a large amount might be needed. I don't have a lot of money, but the question is, where will I get it.

I talked to the doctor again, even though I was weak, and I was worried about my brother's condition. Not only that, but I also didn't have the strength to go to him, even though he had been moved to the room.

“Up to a million, daughter.”

“What? A million?” I repeat. A million? Where on the earth will I get a million? I haven’t even held 50,000 in my whole life, and then now I needed a million? Lord, please help me.

Doc? A million? We can't afford that, such a large amount." I said,

The doctor sighed after hearing that.

"There are charities for those like him who require surgery, but dear, it's hard to get, and the process takes a long time. You need to make it in a short time for your brother to have surgery.”

I do not know what to do. Mom, help me. I just bent down and put my hand on my face. I don't know what to do. 

They are my strength, without one of them, where will I get strength?

Even if I'm aware that it's impassible, I will try. I am desperate. I have no one to turn to for help but her. Furthermore, I know Yunard is ready to help me, but I'm also aware that Yunard doesn't have a lot of money.

I swallowed hard before I entered the restaurant. Our manager is just here. She sleeps in his office because both her parents are abroad.

“Come in!” I heard our manager say when she heard me knocking. I close my eyes before I push the door to open it and enter.

“Ma'am.” I said, an evil look immediately threw at me after I entered.

“What are you doing here? You're done with your shift!” She said.

“Ma'am, my brother is in the hospital.” I said first, but she just stared at me.

“So what?”

Relax, Gillian.

“Can I advance my salary for the whole year, Ma'am!” I said,

My salary for a year is small, and I can't cover a million, but that's a big help, I'll just find another lender.

“Are you out of your mind? A year? Are you kidding?” She shouted and stood up to face and approach me.

“Please, Ma'am … I have nowhere else to go to seek help. “I said.

“Are you stupid and do you think I'll agree? Go away!” She said and pulled my hand to push against the door. I even hit my elbow on the door, so I moaned.


“Get out of here!”

I ignored my elbow even though it hurt, and approached her again, but suddenly, she immediately called the guard. I couldn't do anything when they grabbed my hand and made me leave.

 I did not leave. I sat in the parking lot. If I can't go inside, I'll wait for her here. I will beg.

Even if I kneel, I will do it. For my brother, even if I lower myself, it’s okay.

My tears were dripping continuously. I can't bear the pain inside me every time I think of my brother being in the hospital. I can't bear the pain inside me every time I think about it that because of our lack of money he will die. 

“Ok, of course …. I will be there.” I quickly wiped away my tears when I heard the voice of our manager. She stopped when she saw me and put down the cellphone that was placed in his ear.

“Ma'am, please!” I said, but she just walked like she didn't see me. I was desperate, so I pulled her hand and suddenly knelt in front of her.

“Oh ghad! I'm not concerned with your problems! Don't include me in your problems! I don't care about it!” She would have removed my hand, but I didn't give her a chance to remove it.

“Please, Ma'am! It's just really needed for my brother. He needs to undergo surgery, Ma'am!” She laughed and removed my hand. I felt weak, so she had a chance to remove it.

“Ghad! I said, I don't care! Go away!" She shouted as she approached her car and was ready to ride, but she suddenly faced me again. “By the way, because of your attitude, you're fired! You have no shame on your body!” She said, and she got in the car.

My tears just keep on shedding. It's unfair! The world is so unfair!

“Miss, stand up.” A voice lifted my head. 

A woman looks so rich. Her eyes stared into my face and next to my body.

I quickly stood up. I was about to leave, but suddenly, she spoke again.

“You want money?” I turned to her. Will she give me money? That's funny. Nothing's free now, Gillian.

“Yes?” I asked and endeavored to fix my voice when I heard it break.

“Turn around.” She commands. I'm confused, but I followed her, I'm slowly turning around.

“Why, Ma'am?” I ask.

“You have a good body. I have an offer,” she said.

 I'm too desperate. Even without certainty, I went with her when she said we need to talk. I no longer knew what to do, especially now that I had been fired from my work.

While staring at where we are now, I can clearly see that chairs and tables here are expensive. The floors and design looked really expensive. 

We went to a 5-star hotel and headed to a restaurant. The restaurant I work at will be expensive, but I think it's more expensive here.

I couldn't help but look at myself and frown. I'm from the market, that's why I know my smell is not good. It's embarrassing because I know I don't belong here. This is not the time to be shy, Gillian.

“Ah. Ma'am, excuse me, can I know why we're here?” I ask.

She drank tea and stared at me again, I couldn't help but be ashamed of the way she stared.

“I heard a while ago that you need money.” Maybe she heard what the manager and I talked about.

Before speaking, I swallowed. Her aura is frightening.

“My brother needs to have surgery, Ma'am, so badly need money now.” I said,

“You have a boyfriend?” She asked, which surprised me.

Even though I'm curious about it, I answered her.

“I don't have, Ma'am.” I answered.

“Good. You need money, so I have an offer for you.” She drank tea again and took a piece of paper out of the bag. I couldn't figure out what it was, so I ignored it.

“I will do anything. I just need money now.” I said without thinking.

She smiled at what I said, and she requested a ball pen from a waiter.

“I'll make the contract some other day. Tell me how much you need, so I can write right away. Even if it's big, it's okay.” She said as she took the ball pen handed to him by the waiter.

Then I realized that it was a check. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a check because I have colleagues at the restaurant who prefer this way of paying.

At first, I was hesitant to say the amount, a million is not a joke. I was thinking of my brother who was in the hospital, so I closed my eyes first before saying the amount.

I thought she would be surprised, but no, I just said the price, and she wrote it on the check. She handed it over and stared at me again.

“What is my job, Ma'am?” I asked and slowly took the water to drink. I regretted drinking water while waiting for her to say something. It was not my intention to flinch, but I couldn't help it when I heard what she said.

“Seduce my son, make him a real man.”

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