Chapter 3.1

"Buy new clothes. Don't wear those kinds of clothes, that's for teens." She was specific to my dress. "Buy revealing clothes." She said and looked again at the paper in front of me. No turning back.

I signed it and gave it to her again, she released another so I signed it too. Then she stood up and told me what to do.

"That's your copy. Start on Monday." She said and left. It is also stated in the contract that no one should know about it.

I did what she advised, I bought what I knew men would like. I don't wear it but I know I need to wear it.

I will do everything to make him a man.

 I go to the Market next day. I will also tell Yunard that I will stop working there and I will tell him that I found a better job and a bigger income. I know Yunard will understand.

"Why were you fired from the restaurant?" He asked while waiting for the customers. I did not tell him about what I do. I also don't want him to know because I know he will scold me.

"Because... they say they're reducing people to the night shift." I don't want to lie but I have to, I can't tell him what happened

"Where will you work?" He asked again.

"In Villa Company." He faced me and stared. Surprisingly, I, who did not graduate, became an employee of a large company. Even the janitor there must have a diploma, according to the rumor.

Although he was surprised, he just nodded.

"And this is also my last time here." I said

He nodded and handled a customer. He said that he would tell his mother.

He said he understood because he knew my salary was low. I  told him that the salary is not low and the work is not heavy here, but I can't say what is the reason why. I really want to be here.

"So we will no longer be a beautiful muse here?" Brother Din said when Yunard mentioned it.

"I'm here, Brother Din!" Judy replied while still waving like a Miss universe. We laughed because of that.

"Why, stop that, Judy. If you keep doing that maybe all the customers will leave. That kid!" Brother Din said so Judy frowned and stared at Brother Din.

"They'll miss you." I faced Yunard when I heard him saying something.

"Huh?" I was surprised when Yunard whispered to me. He teased our colleagues. I also fell in love with the people here. If I will choose, I would prefer to stay here but ... because of the money I can't stay here.

"I'll miss them too." I said watching them while joking.

"I feel like you're going to be busy. How about me?"

"Huh?" I looked at him and he just stared at me. What did he say? 

"How about me? Will you miss me?" He said so I avoided looking at him.

"Well! You too, I will always miss you." I was accompanied by laughter.

I don't know what to wear. I'm not used to such things. It's too fitted to my body, it's awkward to wear it!

My dad might be surprised when I come out of this room like this! 

I looked at the clock, it was close to 7 o'clock. I'm not allowed to be late, that's what Madam Anastasia told me.

I just took a bath and wore a tube, skirt and a black coat. Maybe this is okay, I'll just cover it with a coat, so that it's not obvious that I am  only wearing a tube inside.

When I came out, Nica looked at me. She's ready to leave for school, but for a second she stops. 

“Sister, you're so beautiful." Nika said.

  Dad glanced at me after hearing what Nika said.

“Isn't that too short?” Dad asked.

I nodded, “No, Dad. This is what we should wear. We need to be presentable.” I said so and he nodded.

I was able to breathe well when she nodded. I took a taxi as Madam Anastasia said. She doesn't want me to commute or anything. I said It's ok for me to commute, but she glared at me and said that's not a good Idea. I need to be fresh when her son sees me.

She also said that I would use the remaining money she gave for a taxi. How easy it is for them to throw away money. 

“Haist! I'm late!” I said while looking at my Watch. I quickly entered. Madam Anastasia gave me an I.D. that I will use when I come in.

I walked fast, and I asked where the elevator was and what floor was on the CEO. The run because I prefer not to be late, but due to the rush, I didn't notice that the floor was wet, so I slipped.

I close my eyes. I can't believe this! It's my first day and I think I will get embarrassed. I was ready to fall to the floor, but suddenly, someone pulled my hand, that hand immediately pulled my waist so that I would not slip completely.

I heard a voice and suddenly let go of me. 

I quickly straightened up and apologized.

“My goodness. Be careful. Do you want to ruin my beautiful morning?” A handsome man was standing in front of me, but the hand gesture did not match his manly figure.

I covered my mouth when I saw who the man was … no … I mean … the gay here in front of me. He is the gay son of Madam Anastasia. He is the gay CEO of this company, and he is the gay I will seduce.

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