Goldilock’s Submission 5

Chapter 5: Everett

I went back to Estelle’s room and lay on the bed with a smile on my face.

“Goldilocks…” I whispered as I tested her name on my lips.

She was so innocent, I couldn’t believe my luck. When Estelle had mentioned making her my surrogate, I didn’t agree with her because I wanted it to be a confirmed agreement between me and the woman she would bring and not Goldilocks. She just happened to have walked into my house. Yes, she might have walked in and made herself comfortable without my permission but making her my surrogate without her opinion was too much of a punishment… besides, there was something about her that just made it hard to hurt her.

She was too beautiful. The way her eyes changed colors when her emotions overwhelmed her was exciting to watch. The way she took her lips into her mouth sent my cock into another realm. I couldn’t understand why she affected me this much. I didn’t want to forcefully keep her with me but I was certain about one thing, I wanted her
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