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It was the early hours of Monday morning, 6:00am to be precise, and I was already in the cobwebby school basement, tucked away in the only neat corner. Of course, the neat corner of the basement, which I had turned into my niche, was cleaned up by me.

You must definitely be wondering what kind of psycho cleans up the school basement to spend her mornings and what for! Well, to cut the long story short, it was my only means of survival. If I wanted to get through my remaining days in high school, then I had to do this. This was me doing what I did best, hiding away from my sworn enemy, traitor, rival, tormentor, give it all the name you could think of. Synonymous to those names is Kelly Parker.

Kelly is the Queen bee of Beverly High. I hate her with all my heart, but she’s beautiful. Breathing-taking kind of beautiful, I’m not going to lie. I just hate her the more for that, because why should she be so perfect? Of course, she is the head cheerleader and she is dating Bruce Paschal,
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