Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana
Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana
Author: Norah Koch

The honor of taking off my wedding dress

Roaring music mixed with laughter is heard in the air. Men and women are seen lost together in the rhythm on the dance floor.

In the corner, a boy and girl are glued together. The girl is sitting on the boy's lap with his hand on her back and another hand vigorously massaging her bosom inside her shirt. The girl pulls her face back and gasps heavily. She looks at the boy with a beautiful face with her half-open eyes.

"Your place or mine?"

Do Sejin chuckles with his low husky voice. Before he can answer, his friend runs toward him while screaming, "Do Sejin, Eun Min Ah is here."

He immediately pushes the clueless girl aside. "Who told her that I am here?"

"Is that your girlfriend?" The girl asks him with raised brows.

"No!" Do Sejin and his friend answer together.

"Then, is she your wife?" The girl looks mildly upset.

"Definitely not that." Do Sejin shakes his head. He turns to Kim Dong Woo and throws the imported cigars at his friend.

"Stall her. I am leaving."

"Is this Professor Man's cigars?" Kim Dong Woo's eyes bulge out when he looks at the items in his hand. He is sure that he had seen them in that cranky and hotheaded professor's hands once.

"I borrowed them." Do Sejin rolls his eyes.

"Borrowed?" Kim Dong-Woo chokes out. "Does he know that you borrowed them?"

"Not yet." Do Sejin winks at him. He doesn't lack the money to buy this brand of cigars. He doesn't even like smoking this brand of the cigars. However, there is a pleasure in borrowing it from the person who doesn't like him, especially when the professor has no idea that he is the one who took it.

Kim Dong-Woo sighs out loud as he watches him leave the club from the backdoor. That Eun Min Ah will be a hard one. Everyone knows that Do Sejin is a playboy. But, she foolishly relentlessly pursues him.


Do Sejin manages to get out from the back door. It's the middle of the night, but the city is alive. His phone starts ringing. It's Eun Min Ah. He turns off the phone when he sees the caller ID.

"What should I do now?" He stretches his arms. After leaving the club without a woman, he is still not drunk enough to go home yet. He whistles softly as he makes his way toward another drinking spot.

After reaching the place that seemed good enough to get drunk, he takes a seat. The lady owner frowns when she sees him. He grins and shows his ID to her. Do Sejin is twenty-one, but he is often mistaken as an underaged boy because of his facial features.

"Soju." His voice is low and naturally seductively husky. The middle-aged woman blushes a little. She gives him a slight nod and hurries inside. He leans back on the chair lazily and looks up at the dark sky. He doesn't want to go home tonight.

"Hey!!!" The loud and unladylike yell attracts Do Sejin's attention. He leans back on his chair to look at the woman in a black long coat that is too big for her. She has an oval face, flushing red cheeks, and swollen red eyes that are clearly drunk. Her lipstick is smeared on the edges. On her dishevelled hair, there is an elegant hairpin barely hanging on a strand of her dark hair.

"Why are you not giving me more?"

"Miss, you have been drinking for a long time. Can you give me your phone?" The owner has to deal with drunk people all the time. This woman is in a sorry state. She has been drinking for hours.

"Why? Why? Why?" The woman cocks her head and looks at the owner sadly. "I am not drunk yet. Give me more."

"I can't give you more. You have spent all the money that you have given me," The owner straightforwardly tells her. "Let me call your friend or family."

"I can't call them. I can't let them see me like this." The woman stands up straight and points at all the audience. "Tell me, am I worthless because I can't have children?"

All eyes turn to her. Some people laugh at her. Some are making videos. The woman doesn't look flustered. Instead, she asks with a louder voice, "Does anyone become less worthy because they can't have children? Does that make them less lovable? Will you marry a woman who can't have children?"

"I will never marry a woman who can't have children." One of the men answers her. "Why should I get married in the first place? A woman should be nice, fertile, and feminine who can look after children and her husband. Modern women need to understand this. A woman is not a complete woman if she doesn't become a mother."

"Her boyfriend must have left her because she is infertile."

"Tch! Coming here and making a scene, what did she expect? An infertile woman is useless."

The woman can hear every whisper in the air. She looks at everyone sadly. She sighs and takes a step forward, ready to leave with no destination in mind.

"Ha!" Do Sejin puts down the bottle on the table. "Nobody is worthless just because that person is infertile. Can we measure the value of someone's feelings or pain? Can we measure the true value of a human? Can we measure the value of the crap that you utter, Sir? This lady is worth every star of the sky."

"What did you say?"

"Think about the words that you just said to this charming woman." Do Sejin stands up and walks to the woman's side who is looking at him with wonder. "Good things can happen to bad people. Bad things can happen to good people. Only terrible things happen to horrible people."

A warning.

"Today's youngsters don't know how to speak with their elders." Someone grumbles. Soon, other voices join that person. Everyone starts ignoring the woman and the boy. They return to their drinking and discussion on society's problems.

The woman is short. She only reaches up to his chest. She lifts her chin to take a look at his face. Do Sejin bends his head slightly and takes her hand.

"Are you alright?"

She doesn't say anything for a moment, scrutinizing him with great interest. Do Sejin smiles at her. He doesn't like to take care of troublesome personalities like her. However, he finds her interesting. Sort of.

She pokes his chest. "I will give you the honour, Stranger."

He raises his brow and asks curiously, "Honour of?"

She smiles at him sweetly. "The honour of taking off my wedding dress."

The infamous playboy of the top national university has heard of numerous pickup lines. But, even this is entirely new for him.

"Why me?"

"You look like you have experience in taking clothes off."

Do Sejin is speechless, unsure whether he should compliment her for her observation or take offence.

"It took twenty people to put this dress on me in four hours. They literally sewed this on my body. I don't know how many times they stabbed me with the pins. I starved myself for two days to look slim and beautiful for my wedding day."

Her eyes become misty as she continues, "I hate this dress the most. Do you know how hard it is to walk with one heel and wedding dress that costs a fortune?"

She leans on his chest and wraps her hands around his waist. Seeing her pouting cutely, Do Sejin laughs and pats her back.

"It's alright. I will help you take it off."

"Give me a good time. Treat me like I am your bride." She whispers to him softly. "Like this is our wedding night."

"Are you sure that you won't regret it tomorrow?" He lifts her chin and looks into her eyes. "You are right that I am a player. I am a heartbreaker. If you become attached to me, you will get hurt a lot."

"I want this regret," The woman answers him confidently. "I won't get attached. I don't want to be alone tonight."

Do Sejin lifts her in his arms and asks, "Lady, how old are you?"

"Thirty-one." She bats her eyes. "Are you having second thoughts now?"

Do Sejin shakes his head and grins. "You will have thirty-one orgasms tonight."

She licks her lower lip in anticipation. "Aren't you overestimating your skills?"

"I am not." He smirks, "Lady, I will prove my skills and give you the best night of your life."

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