Ethan was not in the right mood when he got home later in the day. The workload was getting heavier and his partner Gaius was still not back from his honeymoon. He had made up his mind that he would insist that he resumes back at the latest next Monday. any honeymoon shouldn't take more than one week and his friend has stayed at least a month gallivanting around the world.

Reluctantly, He took a shower and wore the suit he had bought almost two years back. He rang his housekeeper to enquire about Camilla and if she was ready since she was not in the room, he guessed the stylists he called were still working on her. With his late wife they dressed up together in the same room but he was not about to do that with Camilla.

“She is ready and waiting at the living area" his housekeeper replied before Ethan cut off the intercom.


Ethan Could not believe his eyes when he saw Camilla, she looked elegant in the Dress she was wearing, the way the clothes clung to her body, highlig

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