Chapter 18

Nerezza's Point of View

Grand halls and portraits of every kind stunned me to silence. The man from before led me dutifully through it all. Remarked on various pieces that had caught my eye. Oftentimes, he would stop and explain the origins of the pieces. Tell me more about the artist and why the piece was commissioned. I loved seeing the world through the lens of someone else. Loved seeing pieces come to life with added details that I would never have thought about.

Our tour stopped once we reached the middle garden. According to the man, it was the garden especially commandeered by the king. I was still very unaware of what his name was. But I followed him silently, taking in every aspect of what might just one day be my home. 

"This is where our journey together ends, Miss Nerezza. I hope that you have a peaceful afternoon with his Majesty. If you have any questions regarding the encounter, you may ask me afterward." The man sta

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