Chapter 17

Nerezza's Point of View

The moon was high by the time I got home. A few lights were still burning. Food sat on the stovetop, covered and waiting. Farren hummed from the upstairs loft we shared, lost in her own world. 

Reaching down, I tugged the heels off of my feet. They cramped and protested. I had stood too long and would most likely feel the consequences tomorrow. Hopefully, the king would stay true to his word and call for me in the morning. Share lunch with me at the royal palace. Get to know me, as he had stated.

"Farren, I am home!" I called upstairs. The humming stopped. Papers rustled and light footsteps padded to the top of the stairs. White blonde hair peeked out behind the rails as Farren smiled down at me.

"How did it go?" She asked brightly. I sighed and dumped my shoes on the floor. Strolled on in just my dress as I undid my hair for the evening.

"I never expected the Duke to be a kind man but he is wo

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