Chapter 16

Nerezza's Point of View

Two Years Later

The room was crowded with people. Chatting. Dancing. But most importantly, drinking champagne and gossiping about one another. Their eyes took in everything. Noticed every detail around them. Nothing could escape their scrutiny. Not even the new woman Duke Delaronte had brought along escaped their attention. Or escaped their gossip.

I was a fish in an ocean filled with sharks but this wasn't my first rodeo. I had danced with high society ever since Priamos' monthly deposits stopped. When Farren had complained that her school uniform no longer fit and our money had dried up. About five months after he had gone missing and two after my eighteenth birthday.

Getting a normal job wouldn't have kept Farren in her school. Or kept the mortgage on the apartment going. Besides, I had no other talents besides my wit and beauty. Sometimes I still played the piano but not nearl

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