10: Panties in pocket

Alpha Caden's POV

I made sure Aurora finished everything on that plate before I turned around to narrow my eyes at her defiant expression. She has been a sassy little girl growing up, but when she turned seventeen, she became more reserved and quiet until she left the pack. That sassy girl is slowly but surely making an appearance, and does that make me proud? Kinda.

Leaning back against the window behind me, I cross my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes so she won't see the interest deep inside because that will mess things up. This is to help both of us, and I need to be this heartless monster she cannot stand for that to work, or this will all be a lost cause. I can act for a while and be back to normal when in the confines of my room.

I wanted to ask her where her clothes were because the thought of her not wearing panties (it is currently making my pocket sizzle right now) beneath her outfit made a certain anatomy hardened, and that is just weird when her parents will be here
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Comments (3)
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Jessica K
Exactly! I've been wondering that this whole time! I'm assuming he doesn't want to see that it was him going for her, so he can keep blaming her instead of talking responsibility like an ADULT.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kathleen Browne
why isn't the alpha looking at the camera recording to see what happened
goodnovel comment avatar
Sherri Schweigl
I can’t believe Caden threw Aurora under the bus. He obviously acted on the mate bond because he marked her.

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