9: His sexy stubble

Aurora's POV

Done with my shower and now enveloped in the lingering scent of Alpha Caden, I wrap a fluffy white towel I found inside one of the cabinets. It looks new, which means no one has used it. Carrying my clothes in my hands, I walk back to the study, thinking it might be empty, but stood shell-shocked when I found Alpha Caden inside.

He stands there, next to his desk, a small black object in his hand that swiftly disappears into the pocket of his sweatpants as soon as he realizes I'm in the room. Slowly turning, his face remains expressionless, but his eyes move up and down my body, sending an involuntary shiver down my spine.

Damn it, the intensity of that gaze sparks a myriad of emotions within me, creating a moment pregnant with unspoken tension and curiosity. I hate that he has this effect on me, and there is nothing I can do about it. Why can't it be the other way around? Why isn't he even feeling the least bit attracted to me when I feel this much attraction for him?

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