Bestowing His Life

At the breakfast table, when Riccardo saw Aniya leaving without eating anything, he understood something was not right with her. He had been noticing from the past couple of days that she was acting a little weird. She was barely initiating a conversation with anyone and was even skipping most of her meals. He had also noticed that she was looking tired most of the time, so he told her that they would visit a doctor for her checkup to which she seemed to tense up even more and denied him by saying that she was fine and it was just her monthly cycles. But today when he saw Bellyana following her to the bedroom, he understood something was going on, especially when he witnessed that distressed reaction on Aniya's face.

"Ora, you play with them. I will be back. Okay, piccola?" He uttered while cleaning the little girl's mouth after he got done feeding her. Flora nodded at him and stood up on the breakfast table and walked towards her shades uncle.

With a smile, Dario collected her in h
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Lonely Forever
What about Dario & Niova...
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loveeeee it so much...️...️
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love to read
oh !! how much I love it !!(⁠✿⁠ ⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠)

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