Their Insane Love

"I…I love you so much, Riccardo," Finally finding all her answers and comprehending her each and every kind of emotions and feelings towards him, she dared to utter those words to him because Aniya knew the aftermath she would have to face if she would let him walk away from her like this. Once she had terribly regretted, telling him to get out of her life and that night she was almost about to lose him and today, that thing was about to happen again and somehow she could feel that if she didn't stop him this then she would lose him for the rest of her lives and she was not capable of enduring it because she had fallen for him more than she could even understand and make anyone else understand it.

She tightened her arms around him more and more.

"I love you," she softly breathed out while snuggling her face in his back. Her tears continued to wet his coat.

Dropping his hand down from grabbing the knob of the door, he slowly turned around. Her heart ached badly, seeing those tears gli
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Yellow yalky.. Really? It's getting better!!! Far from boring ...
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Ryker Verlice deserved to be killed by Riccardo. He looked for Ricardo's trouble and he got it
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yellow yolky
the book is getting boring...

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