In His Hands


Aniya read those bold letters, printed on the top of the gate of that place in front of her eyes. She reached that address which Niova had given her. Taking a brief glance around her surroundings, she somehow started getting off vibes from that place because she was aware of the possible things which might be happening inside that place but she couldn't just judge everything in her present with her past. Besides, she had to meet that man for the sake of her daughter's life and nothing and no fear of her could overpower that intention of hers.

Exhaling a heavy sigh, she stepped inside that gate where the two bodyguards in the gate let her get inside after hearing her name and watching her face because she was all over the news after her first and last encounter with Riccardo Alfanso.

Swallowing hard, she clutched the strings of her purse which was hanging on her shoulder. Dozens of men were present there who were looking like some kind of group mates. They all were glan
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